Success of Psychotherapy

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There are various studies that have shown that psychotherapy has been non-effective for many people. They have claimed to have been subjected to it for years; yet no noticeable difference is realized. This is true for one out of every three people. While these reports may be true, there are also scores of patients that have been helped greatly by psychotherapy, and have nothing but gratitude to offer to the psychotherapists that helped them. Many wonder what the0 difference is between these two groups.

While psychotherapy is not an exact science based on mathematical equations that have only one possible outcome, when applied correctly, odds are, it should work. There are reasons however why it may be rendered ineffective and a complete waste of time. There are some requirements that must be met, for psychotherapy to remotely have a chance of helping the client:

Paramount among these is complete truthfulness on the side of the client. The same way a mathematician is only able to reach a correct hypothesis once all the variables have been presented, is the same way the therapist can reach a correct diagnosis, or at least one that is close to the truth. Sigmund Freud’s psychodynamic method is based on the theory that issues affecting people in their early childhood are likely to affect them as adults at a subconscious level. For the success of this method to be guaranteed, it is imperative that the patient or client is absolutely honest about their childhood. Anything other than that leaves issues hidden that could have been of great help, both to the therapist and the client alike.

The motivation of the client is also really important. The success of the program is determined by how dedicated the client is to the treatment. It is important that the client desires to be made well, and it is this factor alone that sustains drive to see the process through. Some clients have been known to abdicate half way through the process, especially if they did not start the treatment voluntarily in the first place. At some point they wonder why they are doing it and rationalize that it is not working anyway.

In many states, a psychotherapist is required to have training of 4-6 years to be accredited. The purpose of this is to ensure that the people treating our sick are in the least skillful in that field. In 2005, the Walter Bellin Partnership was swamped in controversy when Rebecca Lawrence, a patient that had just completed a self help course they offered, jumped to her death from an office window. The Walter Bellin partnership feigned ignorance of the whole incident to curb the bad publicity, but the family of the deceased broke the story. They stated clearly that before she committed suicide, Rebecca called the centre and they were in the process of helping her. This stands to show that the skill and experience of therapists is vital for the success of the program.

Finally, there are those other factors that are categorized under ceteris paribus; all factors remaining constant; the availability of resources to access good therapists, the much needed support from the family members and loved ones, and the ever important factor that is time. These factors may not drastically affect the numbers, but they are sure to make a difference. So for those in the California area, find a psychotherapist in Barkeley, CA


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