5 Cool Things to do in Las Vegas

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When you’re in Las Vegas, you have to know a few fantastic places to hang out first. There are some places that are just awesome here and you have to know them, like the Playboy club, who wouldn’t love all those women. How about eating out at great buffet? How about going on the Grand Canyon helicopter tour? They’re some of the best things about Vegas and you have to know them.

The Grand Canyon tour

The Grand Canyon tour is also one of the best things about coming to Vegas. You can get on the helicopter tour and just go around. You will like it. It’s just something to do while you’re in Vegas. If you really want to do outdoor stuff then this is the game for you. You can get the information at the booth along the strip to find out more about it.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is near the strip but you have to catch a bus in order to go there. You have to get on a private cab and then tell them to take you there. You will have fun once you’re there since the Lake is fantastic. You will love it there. The Lake is very beautiful and long. You can watch the view and talk or have a picnic there. They might also have ferries that will take you around too.

Eiffel towers

The Eiffel tower is a great place here in Las Vegas. It’s romantic and it’s a must visit place. You and your date can go up to the tower and get a great dinner and then view the entire city. Yes, it’s one of the most romantic views in Las Vegas, all the way from the top. Plus, French food is just great and you can’t miss that. If you want to propose on top of the Eiffel towers, you should do that too since it can’t get better than this.

Playboy nightclub

There are many nightclubs here but you have to check out the Playboy nightclub if you love beautiful women. It’s happening here and it’s a fantastic atmosphere casino. You will most likely be impressed by the lovely women and exciting environment. They do such a great job here at entertaining guests, from the dealers to the models. You will like it here. You must check out this place if you’re going to be here.

Dining out

Las Vegas is a fantastic place to dine out. We have some of the best chef, cuisine, and elegance here in Vegas and it’s the greatest in the world. You will not experience fancy, tasteful dining like here, so you must try Las Vegas. The buffet is the best assets of the city and it’s very affordable too. You can really dine out and still have plenty of money left for other things since it’s so affordable.


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