What Really Completes A Perfect Wedding

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The decoration

Yes, decoration is the direct answer to the question that completes a perfect wedding. The bride, groom, bridesmaids, flower girls, bridal car, wedding favors, etc…they are the important fillers in a perfect wedding. But to complete it, it is the decorations’ role.

What Needs To Be Decorated?

First, the bride. Her wedding dress dress would not look as stunning as it is if the bride is not completely decorated. What decorates her are the accessories. She needs to have some earrings, necklace, bracelet, or anything on her hair and body to complete her look. Her accessories are not necessarily be grandiose so as not to over-power her wedding dress. The Pearl Bridal Jewelry Set are fair enough to enhance her look – not too extravagant yet magnificent! The bridesmaids and the flower girls will also look pretty wearing some of these classic pearl accessories.

Next is the wedding Ceremony. Although there is a pattern to follow in a wedding ceremony, you still have the option what accessories you would want the minister to use. Just like the unity candles. It is one part of the ceremony that drives emphasis that your guests would care a lot. So see to it that the unity candles you use are presentable and well decorated. Same with the ring bearer pillows and the flower girl baskets. The cute girls and guys will be much more adorable when they carry with them a pillow or a basket that are designed elegantly. Your wedding aisle runner is another great idea to pay attention for a wonderful decoration.

Then, your bridal car. Let everybody from everywhere be joyful with you of your marriage. Decorate your bridal car with flowers and ribbons in accordance with your wedding theme and color to symbolize a happy marriage. You can put some personalized stickers all over the car to make it fun and playful.

Of course, the reception decoration should never be taken for granted. It is where the wedding program party is celebrated, so enhance the mood of everybody as they feast this big event with you. They celebration may last until the night is over. You can keep the energy on the go by the decoration you make at the reception. Starting off with the table centerpiece. You can light a candle for an evening reception event or a bouquet of flower in the day. You can also provide some disposable cameras to let your guests capture some candid smiles that you might have missed at that moment. Also, the cake topper is an attraction. Impress your guests with the fabulous design of a cake topper you have chosen. Cake serving sets and toasting flutes are some of the additional attractions at the reception. It is also fun to have Personalized Wedding Napkins on the tables. Then maybe you would not also want to miss to decorate the dance floor by placing a Weeding Dance Floor Decal of either 39 or 50 inch wide with your names printed on it.  


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