Why Color Is Important On Your Wedding Theme As Expressed By Your Wedding Favors

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It adds to the excitement when you imagine your self walking through the aisle wearing your most beautiful dress on your wedding day with a unique wedding theme. However, choosing the color for the theme may not be a simple decision to make. Color is important on your wedding theme for several reasons:

  • Color gives meaning to your wedding. As one color may mean differently to every person, it is important that you make it clear to your guests what the color means to you and why you chose so. Some may interpret it in an unfavorable way, so it would be great to announce to everybody the reason if you have chosen a controversial color. Colors such as black and violet have much more negative meanings to the majority. Therefore, to avoid being puzzled to some possible questions, be prepared to answer their queries. If you are not equipped with proper time and words for an explanation, your wedding favors are the best medium you can use to take over this job.

  • Color can help you express your self. If you are a cheerful type of person but that does not mask on your appearance, yellow can best help you express your personality. If you want to emphasize a character you possess like being calm and patient, choosing color blue conveys so much of this attitude….and so on… As I have mentioned earlier, certain colors may have particular meanings. So doing some research can help you a lot decide the color for your wedding theme to know what exactly suits or coordinates the closest to your character. Once again, your blue wedding favors are the best avenue to make your personality known to everyone.

  • Color can influence the mood of your guests. Just like the prison cells that is painted with some shade of pink, this color is used to calm violent prisoners in jails. Dr. Alexander Schauss, Ph.D., director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Tacoma Washington, was the first to report the suppression of angry, antagonistic, and anxiety ridden behavior among prisoners. Although there is no concrete scientific explanation why the inmates behave this way, psychological studies have some basis that a person’s behavior is most like affected by the colors around him. Therefore, if you want your guests to respond appropriately, think your wedding theme color very well.

  • Color serves as the basis for everything else on your wedding. Wedding planning is a no easy job. The technique in making a wedding planner easier is to have a particular color. Having one will likely become a basis for all the other things needed in the ceremony and the reception, even up to the decoration, invitation, and wedding favors. It will no longer be a confusing task to think of a different color to every single thing. Making them all uniform in color will also make them all look lovely and elegant.

So as you walk through the aisle, you can clearly imagine the details of your wedding day by having a particular color for your wedding theme. Choosing the color is important. So don’t you ever take this part of your wedding planning for granted.


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