Wedding Favors For Your Wedding Theme Color

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Choosing the color for your wedding theme may not be as hard as others think it is. You can base your color on the different meanings that relates to your life, or may be it is your favorite, or just simply you want that color because it looks good on you. However, choosing the wedding favors that will best fit your theme color maybe a little bit confusing. Here are the different wedding favors suggested to fit your wedding theme:

Black and/or White: Many couples theses days think that black and white color on their wedding is unique. So if you are one of those couples who appreciate black and white on your wedding, a Timeless Traditions Elegant Glass Photo Coaster can be best used as your wedding favors. Or, a Heart Bottle Stopper and Bride and Groom Keyboard Duster Wedding Favors are also great options for this wedding theme color.

As many as about 30% of all marriages, gold is the most chosen color to complement the wedding theme. Either a Fairy Tale or an Asian Theme Wedding, Gold Couple Wedding Bell Favors or a Laughing Golden Buddha and Elephant Card Holders are great wedding favors. Your guests will surely like the idea of your gold-colored wedding favors.

Many brides like color pink for their wedding. There can be some issues on the groom’s side deciding on this color for their wedding theme, but choosing the right wedding favor will persuade him to agree on you. Cherry Blossom Mini-Pillar Candles Wedding Favors are elegant for spring theme wedding. Also, Sugar and Spice Sugar Bowl Wedding Favors are so much delightful because this are one useful household things that your guests will really like.

Green is for an eco-friendly theme of wedding. But green is also a good color for garden or spring wedding. For your wedding favors, you have these few of the many options: The Perfect Pair Scented Pear Soap Favors, Gra-TEA-tude Wedding Party Tea Box with Tea Bag Kit, Topiary Photo Holder/place Card Holder, and Celebration Bubbles Wedding Favors. Either of them make a great wedding favor that can express your thankfulness to your guests as they head home after the celebration.

Summer is the most perfect season to get married. And mostly, couples choose a beach wedding theme to lighten up the mood of everybody as the sea breeze cools them under the hot summer air. The best color for this theme, blue! For your wedding favors it is such a nice idea to select anyone of the following: Miniature Folding Beach Chairs, Metal Boats Wedding Favors. Flip-flop Photo Frame with Flower Accent, Sea Shell Gel Candle Favors, A Jewel From the Sea Seashell Magnets/Placecard Wedding Favors.

Color red is a never-fading choice of color for a wedding. This is the most perfect color chosen by the bride and groom for a Valentine wedding theme. You will never go wrong on the red wedding favors like Heart Wedding Pillow Candy Favors, First Class Fashionista High Heel Luggage Tag Favors, A Silence of Love Stainless-steel Pizza Cutter in Miniature Pizza Box Favors, and Imperial Exquisite Glass Photo Coasters Wedding Favors that are truly amazing!


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