More Tips On How To Save Much On Your Wedding

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Wedding is one of the events in one’s life that is expensive. It may take several months of saving to achieve the intended budget for everything. But there are several ways to cut off the excessive expenses.

Many wedding advisers suggest to cut down your wedding guest list. Instead of inviting hundreds of them, include only those who you closely know. Or choose only those people who mean so much to you. Make your wedding an exclusive party or gathering with your close friends and families. After all, you would not actually fully enjoy the day nor the guests whom you hardly know each other.

Instead of renting two separate places for the ceremony and the reception, conduct them both at the same venue. You will be able to save up to 20% of your overall expenses for paying a rent for one place only. Aside from that, you can also lessen your expenditure for the decoration. Better off if you can use your own place for the ceremony and the reception. This is an absolute save more.

Your choice of foods also matter a lot not only on your budget but also on the taste buds of your guests. In fact, everyone in a wedding are so much enjoying the food than the ceremony nor the event itself. So find the best caterer in your place that has earned good testimonies from the previous clients yet offers the package that is friendly to your budget. If you know someone from your friends or relatives who has a forte in cooking, you can hire him or her to do it for you. It is a better idea to bulk up your savings on your wedding.

Buy your wedding apparels at store on a clearance sale. You will get a hefty of discounts on these items that can reach up to more than 50%. Although these items are on clearance sale, this does not mean that they are not in a good condition anymore. Many impressions have locked into a thought that the items on sale are damaged, in poor quality, or not popular. Any store may have their own reason of why they put these stocks on sale.

  • Try to check on those stores if you can find something that you can gift your bridesmaids and groomsmen. There can be great gift items that you will see which really fit the personality or taste of your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

  • Wedding favors are one of the things you need to have on your wedding that serve as your gift of appreciation to your guests who have celebrated with you on your wedding. Who knows, the wedding favors that you really like is on sale too! And if you are fortunate enough, you can find the wedding favor that corresponds to your wedding theme and color.

  • Your reception accessories must also be paid attention at. A cake serving set is necessarily presentable as it should come along with the elegance of your cake. Even your table napkins and table centerpieces be beautiful enough to freshen up the mood of everyone while they are seated on their respective places.

  • First impression lasts. This begins as you send your invitation or announcement cards to your invited guests. Stimulate their interest to be on your wedding day to witness and feast on this special day. Send them some chic and sassy cards as you proclaim this big day.


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