Have A Perfect Wedding Favor

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Can there be any such thing as “perfect” wedding favors? Of course! Although you may have browsed every where for you to find the perfect favors for your wedding day, you might have not found one. It has maybe confused you more with the many choices presented to you. Or perhaps, it made you think that weddings favors are just not-so-very important things for that day – which is definitely a foul idea. It all depends on just a few criteria of choice, your expectations, and your imagination.

First of all, consider the purpose or role of wedding favors play in your grand event. These are customarily small, elegant gifts congruent with your wedding theme and colors, designed to express your gratitude to your guests for their participation in your wedding ceremony and/or reception. So, your general sentiment is “thank you”, of course, but you might also want to convey some additional turn of phrase or thought that will resound in the minds—and hopefully the hearts—of your invited guests. Since your wedding day is such a very busy day for you to attend to, aside from taking care of your self to make you look stunning and the most beautiful person of all, your dress, accessories, and coordinating with your fiance and the entourage – you may not be able to have a chance to thank every guest anymore. So in order for you not to miss out thanking all of them, you can leave this job to your wedding favors. A perfect wedding favor will surely make your every guest feel appreciated.

When you set out to look for wedding favors, think about your relationship and come up with words to express the depth of your love for one another…or if you aren’t so gifted with words, perhaps look for pictures that make you think of the “you” that is the two of you as a couple. What do you imagine the two of you doing in life together? What kinds of adventures would you romanticize epitomizing your relationship? Where will you be going on your honeymoon? These are ideas to spark your mind’s eye…getting those creative juices flowing. By having these thoughts in mind can help you assess whether what is the perfect wedding favor you should pick that can satisfy you and your guests.

Now take those collective images, thoughts, and emotions either along in a folder or your head, if you have a great memory (pictures you can hold are best when you have them right in front of you while you browse favors), and try to find a recurring theme or idea.

Once you’ve put your finger on it, use that mood or ambiance to be your “pilot” through your selection process, and you are very likely to find the perfect wedding favors—and the perfect wedding invitations—that will succinctly communicate to all who witness your union, your vision of the love you share, and the life you hope to forge together.


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