A Wedding With A Golf Theme

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Most of the athletic couples want their wedding to be different and unique or themed on their favorite sport. The game of golf is no different than any other sport and planning your wedding themed on golf can prove to be fun. You can find many different ideas to plan your reception and wedding themed on golf. Weddings at the church are common and formal, but imagine if you can plan your reception at the golf club, you can play around before dinner.

Planning your wedding and reception on the golf club is definitely different and unique and no one would have ever heard about it. You can explain all the planning on your wedding invitation, you can also ask people to see if they would like to play golf after the wedding. You will surely love the idea of getting married on a golf course and playing it after wedding if you are an avid golfer. All you have to do is book the golf course and enjoy playing golf after wedding leading to the dinner.

You can choose the golf balls to be engraved with your picture on it, with the names on top of the picture. You can also get the reception tables decorated with wedding favors which are themed on golf. Choose quarter or dime sized ball markers with your name and the date of your wedding.

Another interesting theme for your wedding will be the wedding cake. Just imagine your wedding cake shaped like a golf course and a little bride and groom standing on it as a cake topping. This is really going to be unique as many people won’t think of preparing a cake like that for their wedding! You will surely be excited to plan your wedding themed on golf. It is going to be the most unique and unusual wedding people would have ever heard of.

You should order new golf clubs and balls as your wedding planning becomes more intense. You can choose to take a golf trip for your honeymoon as well. Hawaii and Jamaica are superb destinations for golfing and nice honeymoon destinations too. You can do many different things when planning your wedding themed on golf to make it more interesting. Go ahead and plan the ceremony first so that the game can be started right away. You can do almost anything you want for your wedding to make it interesting and fun both of you as well as your guests.



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