Watermelon Overcomes Erectile Disorders

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Erection and ejaculation disorders experienced by most men in the world. Stress, disease and fatty foods cause the most dominant. If you’re one guy who had the disorder, begin to carefully choose food. Because food can reduce the disturbance!

The topics most avoided by most men was erection and ejaculation disorders. This disorder is considered a scourge as well as the shameful and frightening. Therefore, men with this disorder often experience sexual problems that can be bad for marital life.

Decreased blood flow to the penis and blood vessels are broken into main penyebak disorder. Other causes are stress, poor diet nutrition, diabetes, vascular disease, smoking and drugs.

Before taking drugs it’s good to start managing nutrition intake. Foods that contain zinc (zinc), vitamin E, fish oil, fruits and vegetables can be a potent natural remedy. Conversely avoid foods high in fat, sugar, sodium, which can result in worse. Likewise, weight gain should remain controlled for a disruption of blood flow.

Here are some foods that can help overcome erectile problems and premature ejaculation in men.

Based on the research of watermelon to overcome erection and ejaculation disorders because citrulline content in it. Citrulline is a phytonutrient that relax and open blood vessels to the penis. If you want to get maximum benefit from the watermelon, do not store it in the refrigerator. Peel the watermelon until about some of the white fruit juice and then eat or make for more citrulline are swallowed.

Foods rich in zinc (zinc):
Foods such as chicken, cheese, milk, beans, beef, turkey, and salmon are rich in zinc. Men who experience an erection and ejaculation disorders usually zinc deficiency in the body.
Zinc deficiency can be caused by diabetes, liver disorders or drugs. Zinc is an essential mineral in the sex lives of men. These minerals which trigger the production of sperm testoteren and create more agile.

Coconut Water:
Coconut water contains electrolytes that create energy in the body. Electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and potassium make berkontrasi muscle and discard the water in the body. Heart muscle contraction, especially in helping to overcome the erection and ejaculation disorders. A healthy heart makes the blood could be pumping and drain all the blood vessels in the body. Drink lots of coconut water.

Papaya contains arginine which can promote blood flow, especially to the penis. Agrinine encourage nitric acid which makes the body relax and open blood vessels around the penis so that blood flow becomes smooth. High content of arginine which also exist in the composition of Viagra pills.

garlic is a superfood for overcoming erection and ejaculation disorders. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Brimingham found that garlic triggers the production of hydrogen sulfate that make blood vessels flexible and relaxed. It also contains allicin, which stimulates blood flow.

Foods Rich in Vitamin E:
Foods such as peanuts, almonds, broccoli, spinach, mango, wheat could quell an erection and ejaculation disorders. Vitamin E makes the function of the day and the blood vessels become better, the blood flow more smoothly.

Practical ways to overcome these problems is to eat more fruits and vegetables fresh. Avoid fried foods, fatty foods especially those containing sodium and high sugar and smoking cessation. Exercising adequate blood flow to become more fluent and nice!


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