6 Natural Medicine Can Be Trusted To Cure Disease

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Natural treatment could be one option of treatment for some conditions. There are 6 natural remedies that can be trusted to cope with some conditions.

Some natural treatments such as therapeutic mind, body and acupuncture are believed to overcome certain body conditions. This natural treatment can be used as a complement to the main treatment.

There are 6 natural remedies that can be trusted to cope with certain conditions, namely:

1. Massage to treat depression
Mental and emotional pressure that can lead to chronic depression and some studies have found that massage therapy can relieve depression or stress.

Researchers reveal the massage can stimulate the release of endorphins that can improve the atmosphere hearts, and strengthened by the proximity or contact of a touch. Another advantage gained is to reduce the stiffness, pain and accelerate healing Raas injury.

2. Chocolate (Cocoa) for hypertension
The darker the color of cocoa, the better to lower blood pressure in people with severe hypertension. Researchers reveal the content of flavanols in cocoa called epicatechin, can improve blood vessel function by helping to relax blood vessel walls.

Another advantage gained is an antioxidant-rich cocoa, strengthen the immune system and slows aging.

3. Acupuncture to cope with chronic pain
New research confirms that this therapy can relieve various aches from head to toe. After making 6 times, someone will feel the effect or even the pain is gone. In addition, acupuncture is also known to increase the mobility of people suffering from osteoarthritis.

According to Chinese medicine, needles are inserted to help balance the energy flow. Meanwhile, according to western scientists, the needle stimulates the body to release natural opioids, which will reduce pain to restore mobility, strength and flexibility that person.

4. Hypnosis to overcome hot flashes (feeling like burning)
Hypnosis can change how the brain receives signals from the body and from the outside world, hence the brain hypnosis can help reduce their susceptibility to hot flashes. Another advantage gained is hypnosis can reduce anxiety, depression and improve sleep quality.

5. Glucosamine to deal with joint pain
An analytical study revealed that in the form of glucosamine sulfate in combination with chondroitin can reduce joint pain in people who have moderate to severe arthritis. But one thing to consider is the dose, so consult first before taking them.

6. Tai chi for treating insomnia
Tai chi was originally developed as a martial art in China, but the researchers instead found that tai chi can help improve sleep quality of adults who have insomnia are. Other benefits can be obtained is to help improve balance and also reduce the risk of falling.

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