Top 5 Entrepreneurs in The Technology Industry Who Changed The World

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In each and every human being there is a great idea that can save or change the world. But it takes great drive, passion; believe to make it happens and the will to take your idea or dreams into reality. By realizing and giving great props to those individual who risked, sacrificed everything to just make their ideas or dream came true, I have compiled a list of top 5  Entrepreneurs and Businessmen in the technology industry who changed the World with their ideas. This entrepreneur have inspired and motivated me not to stop dreaming and to keep on pushing my dreams and never give up even if it becomes hard.

Steve Jobs

The man behind Apple, the man who created the world largest technology empire that has been so success and growing rapidly under his leadership. The company produce some of the most used gadgets and products in the world, products such as iPhone and iPod. Steve Jobs had an idea and he believed in his idea. He never gave up before he saw his idea turns into reality. By the way if you did not know, this giant empire started in a garage and it has a market cap of more than $310 billion and can be the first trillion company in the world.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world. As with all of us, Bill Gates had a dream, idea, vision and the drive to make his idea become a reality. He went on building the Microsoft Company from scratch to be the biggest company in the world. His passion for technology and been always innovative has keep the Microsoft company to be the best and competitive in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook founder and he is the world’s youngest billionaire. Mark Zuckerberg has founded Facebook at early age when he was at the university. Today Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website in the world.

The Google Brothers

Yes, You most definitely know Google, the giant search engine with was also started in the garage by two young men by the name of Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 while pursuing their studies at Stanford University.


Blake, as young as he is, he is an excellent software developer, the founder and the developer of the Mozilla Firefox was released in 2004.his software is so successful and has been downloaded Million of times within its first year of being introduced to the market.

Now that you have been inspired and motivated by these great entrepreneurs and businessman, I challenge you to start working on your idea; you will never know what will happen.

To your Success… 


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