Six Steps on Building Your Online Business

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When I first started online in 2008, I went through a deep research to find out what works and what doesn’t work in the online world. As you can agree with me the internet is full of “too much” information and this information can sometimes be misleading or can be a lot of “junk” and if you are just starting online and want to build your first online business it can be very difficult to success with such information. So, in my journey of online riches and of building my online empire, I know now what works and what doesn’t work. Please find below the six steps of how to start build your online business. Because I have realised that simplicity is the best and it always works well, my steps below are very simple and easy to implement. Ok, let us get to them:

  1. The first thing to do when you start an online business is to know yourself, to know your hobby, know what you like doing, know that one thing you can do everyday with a smile. You need to know what your passion is.

  2. Now that you have found out and know what you like doing. You start a blog about about your passion: this include, shopping around for a good host and then register for a domain name of your choice to make your blog unique and to look professional.

  3. Installing and setting your blog using WordPress; choose the right design for your blog. Getting some plug-in to make your blogs looks nice.

  4. Start adding post to your blog by writing 2 to 3 articles a day for your blogs.

  5. Monetizing stage. Now that you have a blog and it has good content, you can start monetizing your blog, there are several ways out there to monetizing your blog and you owe it to yourself to do a researching about what works well for your blogs. Test different ways and see what brings you great results. But for now let us get to the most famous ways of monetizing your blog. The first one that I can suggest to you the Google adsense program, for this program you register with Google adsense and then add some code to your blog and then when your write articles to for your blog, Google will show ads that are related to the article. Once you are happy with Google adsense results, you can now monetize your blogs even further with other advertising services and affiliate products like: click bank, Amazon Associate program, kontera, bidvertizer and infolink.

  6. Now that you have a blog running and you are posting articles regularly and have monetized you blog. You need to test different methods and keep on doing some changes to your blog to make it looks great and keep on generating revenue for you.

To Your Success in blogging, Good luck… 


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