Silence – The New Loud

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There are so many abstract notions in our lives that affect us one way or the other. Some leave a deep impression on our minds while some fleet away with time. While silence tends to mould everything in favour of or against you, we are led to believe that time would heal everything eventually. But when you think about it there is more to it than just being serene as it entails within itself the feeling of understanding. The comprehension of the fact that you are supposed to take care of the people around you and the ultimate satisfaction that doesn’t leave a sour taste on your palate.

While I fight for my satisfaction people do it for attention. While I lie to care, they do it to hide the truth. While I shut up when I feel I am about to lose my temper they consider it my weakness. The duels I’ve had in my years have ended up pretty badly; hence I don’t want to repeat those mistakes. However, this act of mine has always been considered as my weakness. I wish I could open their eyes, all of them who like them shut, to see what they are really missing and how badly they are going to be affected by it in the long run but alas! I am a mere man dreaming high trying to make it big with power that would not suffice to open their orbs that would lead them to glance at their soul and heart.

I wish to cease caring for those who surround me but it isn’t in my nature to leave a person dying or abscond when I see a needy mate. While I keep on assisting those who lance me I wish them to fathom what is important and what would stay forever. Those petty things, those trifle unimportant fights, which are hardly gonna be remembered, would stay like that forever and the relationships would keep on dwindling from sour to bitter. The reasons we got involved would hardly even matter in the end.

Eventually the following adage, I think, gets justified – The silence is the new loud!


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