Whining About Cash? Sell Your Stuff.

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Honestly, too many people whine about needing extra cash without actually finding ways to MAKE extra cash.  They’ll yelp about the fact that they have no money, but yet they’ve got a HUGE library of DVDs and books just waiting to be tapped on eBay or through their friends.  So, here’s a resource of many ways to sell your stuff.

This tends to be a one shot deal, but a LOT of us have more stuff than we need.  I’d even go so far as to say a majority of us have more stuff than we need.  How often do you really watch the DVDs that you have in your cabinet?  Do you need every last one of them?  Are there ways that you can watch this stuff digitally without having to manually have the stuff?

It takes some effort to really get these things sold.  Sometimes, it will seem like you’re doing more work than you would if you were actually at your job.  Unfortunately, this is how things work.  Once you get the hang of it, the time that you’re devoting goes down, and the profit potential goes up.  

1.  Hold a yard sale
Holding a yard sale is one of the more fun things that you can do to sell your stuff, because you get an opportunity to meet a completely different type of individual within the population – the dealseeker.  You set up a few tables, label everything that you possibly can, and wait for the folks to come to your yard and cruise through your stuff.

It’s not that effective, because it’s dependent on advertising, and people being within a limited area.  You’re also required to sit around in the hot sun.  The best way to push this type of thing is to get a bunch of folks together to sell all of your stuff (this can be done with churches, or neighborhoods, or even random people getting together).  

2.  Sell on Craigslist
If you’re fairly net savvy, it doesn’t take that much effort to advertise your stuff on Craigslist.  YOu pretty much just say what the stuff is, write a decent headline, and wait for the inquiries to rush in.  Most of the hits that you’ll get will be within the first day of listing, and a lot of times it’s within the first hour.  

With Craigslist, it’s ALL about the headlines and the ability to capture people’s imagination and attention.  Savvy Craigslist sellers can tell you all about the trials and tribulations that they’ve had in selling their stuff.  The folks who will buy are the online dealseekers – they’re just doing the searching from the comfort of their own home.

3.  Sell on eBay
One of the major problems with eBay is that most of the items will go for less than the price that you want to sell it for.  The vendors on there have the capability of selling stuff wholesale, and can unfortunately undercut the prices that you’ve got going.  There’s also the whole issue with shipping, as you have to pack your stuff and ship it directly.  

As far as effective means, there are people who sell quite a lot on eBay.  It’s honestly dependent on the type of stuff that you’re selling.  If you’re selling run of the mill stuff, it’s difficult to compete with those who are wholesaling the stuff.  If you’re looking at stuff with history, then you’ve got a market.  

4.  Sell at Flea Markets
Flea markets are completely awesome.  You can get tons of things that you never thought you needed at the lowest price available.  If you’ve got a huge amount of DVDs, be prepared to sell them at the lowest prices available.  Things which you spent $10 will need to go for $2.50 at the flea market to be competitive with the other vendors that are at the market.  If you’re just looking to make a quick buck, then you might want to consider this method.

Flea markets also offer you the entertainment of getting to meet the dealseeker.  There are all types of characters which show up to the local flea markets, ones which you will find entertainment with that goes far beyond the sale.

5.  Go to friends
Your friends might be interested in purchasing some of this stuff that you’ve got for sale.  They might be aware of folks who would love to get a copy of the Highlander DVD or one of the CDs that you’ve had for eons.  Friends will be looking for the deal, but they’re likely to pay you a higher price than you would through other methods.  They’ll also be more likely to offer you ideas to how you can sell your things.

6.  Facebook
Make some advertisements on Facebook.  Think about the selling potential of the medium, with a gazillion folks who are all on there.  That’s mostly a game of percentages which should get you some attention.  If you’ve only got a few things that you’re needing to sell, place an ad on your Facebook page with a note to get in touch with you to see what streams in.  

7.  Twitter
This one is pretty similar to the Facebook sales.  You’re bringing your plea to the rest of the world to buy your stuff.  The problem with advertising like this without any context is that there will be very few folks who are following you, and your tweet will only be seen once or twice unless you really hammer it home that you’ve got this list of stuff available.  Now, if you’ve got a following already, this has a higher chance of working.

Selling your stuff takes care of several issues.  It removes the problem of where to put your stuff, as it will be out of the house.  The extra money that you get in your pocket can be used for bills or whatever you choose.  You can get all of your stuff that’s left into a more showcased area of your house. When you sell your things, you can line your pockets with a lot of cash. 


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