How Does Nintendo 3Ds Work?

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Nintendo has been named the king of gaming since the early 1990’s. They have been stomping the competition year after year, always coming up with new innovations in the gaming to revolutionize the world. Nintendo is not only known for their console games, but is now known even more for hand held gaming. The Gameboy revolutionized gaming in Japan in 1989. The Gameboy Color did it again in 1998, and the Nintendo DS in 2004. The latest highlight in the history of nintendo is the Nintendo 3DS launched in March 2011.

The most interesting characteristic of this new Nintendo 3DS, is that it has three cameras on it. It has one camera facing the user and two more cameras in the back which will allow for taking 3D photos. You can take a picture of yourself, and the 3DS will actually make a character that looks like you, which has never been seen before until now.

Like the older DS model, it has wireless capability, and is able to connect with either WEP or WPA-PSK connection types. Some older devices were connection specific, so being able to connect with either can save you a lot of trouble with your router configuration. The wireless is mostly automatic, able to scan for wireless networks in range, and should automatically connect to your home network, so the work it takes to get connected has really been reduced.

The Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible with the original DS and also has many new games coming out soon that will be pushing the 3D focus, such as Madden, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and many more. For some people that don’t like the 3D effects of the games, there is going to be a new addon to the design of the device. There is going to be a slider on the side panel that you can adjust the amount of 3D effect you want on your game.

There are many ways to move your characters in the new Nintendo 3DS. You can use the analog stick, the D-Pad, the stylus, and there is a mobility monitor that can track your movement with the device.

The Nintendo 3DS is an amazing device that is already revolutionizing the way that hand held games are played. Bringing 3D games, 3D video, three cameras, an internet browser, and many preloaded applications in to the picture, Nintendo is once again proving to the world that they are the king of gaming, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere any time soon.



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