What You Should Do After a Car Accident

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We hope you never get involved in a car crash, or you need a solution to the conflict. The end may also be skilled pilots and fair treatment in the middle of an accident. Do you want to know what you do? Awareness of what to do when the car accident insurance claims can be made more flexible, less complex process that can more quickly in the way of this.

If you are in a car accident:

1. try to remain calm, your car and look for violations of the ban. Life and health for you, your passengers and other persons involved in the accident is much more important than the machine itself.

2. if necessary, call the police and it can be about the event, location or the types of injuries and wounds, how many persons are involved in.

3. the company taking reasonable measures to protect you and your vehicle from further damage. As far as possible and legal, the cars move on the side of the road and activate their risks, as soon as it is safe. If you have, perhaps with the aid of flashlights, to warn of incoming traffic and stop further hanging there.

4. take a ton of notes is a good idea:

Date, time and place for the event

• There was sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and can be improved, the registered

• the type and location of your car

Type and location of damage to other cars or in

names, addresses and contact details for all drivers and passengers involved in the accident

Driving licences from • figures and all the licensing information for the

Identifier of the business, including the name of the insurer and policy

• name, address and contact information for witnesses

• the names and phone numbers of plates by the police or other officials respond first

(It is of fundamental importance in the position of the notes, as a pen and pad in the glove-compartment for connector).

5. Can the official questions, when and where you will get a copy of the report of the accident. It is a good chance you need, when you submit your application for insurance for your insurance company.

6. is probably good, immediately call your insurer and report, which quickly that they are aware of the incident, the fastest can start to crash your insurance claim work in Solve resolve. Also leave your car, if necessary, to adapt to explain the steps to follow, such as when she went and to assess the damage before any repair work is performed.

7. there are some limitations, you may seem more to take into account if not to discuss the economic policy of insurance for automobile limits and responsibility of the accident or the circumstances of the accident with no more than to the police or a representative of your insurance company to avoid.

An enormous cost in Anybody involved in traffic accidents. But if they remain quiet security his priority and follow the tips above, on the situation in an accident and insurance claims.


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