Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Calling You

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Set in the Cold War era, and the seventh installment of the popular Call of Duty series, the Black Ops edition is based on the live fire conflictions during the Cold War period in history. One of the best aspects of the game is the rich realism with which the game delivers graphics, narration, storyline, and a sense of wartime efforts that combine to put you in that time period in an unforgettable way. Staying true to the traditional Call of Duty style of combat, this game introduces new player action that helps make it even a more rich experience. There will be new features, too, such co-op fighting, versus mode, and team based multiplayer selections that will increase the amount of fun and enhance the level of interaction opportunities.

Also, this game features the SR-71 Blackbird vehicle so you can have a brand new never before seen type war machine with which to fight, as well as lethal weaponry that has never appeared in previous installments, like the explosive tipped crossbows. With all of these features, you can have an even more enhanced and action packed experience.

As far as graphics go, this game is excellent in visual demonstration, as you will get to really experience a wonderful array of settings and environments to play in. For example you can participate in urban air or ground combat in SE Asia, or you can go over to the snowy regions of the Soviet territory and fight in the snow or in the exotic jungles. You will get to really experience the haggard conditions of wartime battle in dangerous places and rugged locations.

Plus, you will do all this with your new bank of weapons and vehicles, all inspired by the actual Cold War era. This game blends the traditional COD and new first person character scenes so that you can have the COD experience you have grown to love, what with the varied action that is in a constant flow so that you never tire of any one thing and are constantly enthralled.

There are many difficult trials you must overcome and death is around every corner. Often the narration of the story might feel somewhat scripted, but the voice acting is supreme and the graphics will give you the genuine feel of the era in a positive way. Also, you will be encouraged to rack up experience points. The ability to go online and play with other players stretches this game to a universal realm, but the option to play on your own or among friends is still there, so whether you want to go on your own private battle or if you want to fight the people closest to you, there are options for all kinds of interactive playing modes available.

Also, the game is compatible with 3-D features so you can experience the game in a three dimensional way, giving you an even more impactful viewing experience when battling in some of the exotic locations with the unique assortment of weapons and aggressive characters. You can use 3D Vision active shutter glasses for some compatible systems.


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