Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta: An Inside Look

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If you purchased “Bulletstorm: Epic Edition”, then you were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in Epic’s “Gears of War 3: Multiplayer Beta”. Starting on April 18th for Epic Edition owners; the Beta test doesn’t become available until April 25th, and then only to the gamers who pre-ordered the long awaited “Gears of War 3”.

What can you expect to see from the new multiplayer mode in “Gears of War 3”? I started playing the Beta today (April 18th) and have definitely been impressed by the massive improvements that Epic has made to the multiplayer! There is definitely some great new playing options, new characters, new maps of course, and some really awesome weapons to destroy the enemy with. Let’s take a look at what’s new, or at least some first impressions!

New Weapons

There are a bunch of new weapons in the new Multiplayer mode and some of our old favorites have returned as well, but with some minor changes. The Lancer makes its return and definitely id easier to score some chainsaw kills with. In comparison, the new Retro Lancer really packs a mean punch, but the accuracy definitely suffers. The good news is that there is no chainsaw but rather a massive Bayonet attatchment which totally destroys an enemy during a new full charge attack.

There is also a new shotgun in town that definitely competes well against the traditional Gnasher. The Sawed-Off is the new shotgun with a very short range but when used on a group of enemies at close-quarters; they will never know what hit them. The explosion of body parts in this mess is truly gruesome and adds to the many pleasures of Gears of War 3 multiplayer mode. Did I happen to mention that the one shot is also new and improved as well as someother classic guns!

Destructible Environments

This is way cool and makes the gameplay so much more of a challenge. In the map, “Thrashball”, gamers play the new Team Deathmatch inside an indoor football arena. The massive score keeping unit that hangs from the ceiling suddenly drops from the ceiling and hangs above, barely stablized from a fraid steel cord. A few finely place shots and the cord snaps, leaving anyone underneath a quivveling pile of mush! This isn’t it either for the destructible environments. You now have to worry about concrete barriers being destroyed and lots of other forms of cover.

That’s it for now on the new features for the newly released “Gears of War 3” Multiplayer Beta test, but rest assured that their is much more to see inside the Beta’s days to come. This is just a firt person account of my first impressions playing the Beta and I cannot wait to share more!


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