Cupcake Push Up Pops

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Do you remember the push up pops when you were so excited to get them from the Ice Cream Man?  Well, someone decided to take that great idea and combine then with a mini cupcake to create Cupcake Push Up Pops.  What an awesome idea!  Cupcake Push Up Pops are quick and easy to make and will surely be the hit at your next party or gathering.

There are so many ways to decorate them.  You can easily make them for any holiday them for any holiday or birthday.  You can even make them for adult parties featuring your favorite cake recipe or store bought mix.  You don’t even need hands to eat them!

Simply make your favorite cake recipe and then bake in a mini cupcake pan.  Cool the mini cupcakes and once the mini cupcakes have cooled, the fun starts.  Simply  put a dollop of icing in the bottom of the push up pop container to hold the cupcake in place and then add a frosted mini cupcake.  Place another frosted mini cupcake on top of the first mini cupcake.  You can decorate the top with sprinkles or a cherry on top.

Another way to make these wonderful indulgences is to make a sheet cake.  Make the circular cake inserts using a deep round cookie cutter to create the cake part of the cupcake push up pop.  You can use any type of mixture as the frosting such as a crunchy mixture in between the cake layers or even a crumb mixture as long as the mixture will “stick” to the cake. 

You can use food coloring to create seasonal cupcake push up pops such as wonderful Easter Cupcake Push Up Pops using pinks, blues and yellows or red and green to make Christmas Cupcake Push Up Pops or even create a wonderfully colored Birthday theme Push Up using pink and blue food coloring.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves to entertain and loves being able to share her tips with you.  Feel free to Easter Cupcake Push Up Pops to see these great creations made by Love from the Oven.


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