Animation Tutorial Part 1

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 Do you know how many types of animation?

.Animate almost anything by Stop Motion Animation, Clay animation, two dimensional or three dimensional computer animation techniques.

What exactly is an animation?

Animation is a sequence of 2d or 3d object or images which appeared to be in motion .but they are images or artworks which are moved in sequence so that it creates the illusion of Motion. Do you know how many types of animation? 

Animation can be done by lots of style let’s see some of them here

Stop motion animation: Stop motion animation is very good technique. The process of animation is simple it is not complicated . The process of animation is simple we can use anything yes anything like paper and take pictures of its different shapes moving in places ,after that by using any editor just import all images and make video from it , you can add music voice later in video editor like Window movie maker .

Clay Animation: Clay Animation is done by using stop motion Animationtechinique,we first create clay characters and then by using hand or tools we move the clay models and every movement we capture it and import it in editing software, it’s really amazing and fun too .Clay animation tutorial readhere.

2D Animation by Computer: 2d Animation is done by Drawing on paper or 2d drawing software like adobe photoshop,also it can be done in flash software which is very popular. We have to create drawings and it has to be captured and import it on 2d software, it’s a traditional animation .all stuff we create must be 2d only.

3D Animation by Computer  : 3D Animation means three dimensional object which can be animated and it’s like a box or any other three Dimension object model which are made in 3D software for example Alias Maya ,Alias max, Blender ,we can create  3d model which can be animate later .

Sand animation: sand animation is done live performed in front of people in the auditorium or Hall or it can also be done using stop motion technique, but live animation is cool, we put sand in the glass and from behind there is strong soft comes a live animator uses his hands to move the sand and create different forms in right time, with music or background voice. This creates the illusion of movement.


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