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Lots of article marketers lament about the fact that their articles aren’t sticky and that others aren’t clicking on the links that they’ve provided.  They’ll claim that they have the best products in the world, and demand that their potential clients make with the clicky clicky.  But you want to know the real way to make money and generate the clicks?

It’s not in making more of those forsaken PLR style articles with the long sales form letters.  You want to make money, but you should want to be generating relationships, too.  You have to develop some rapport with your articles, rather than just being a simple hack who spits out spun articles for the potential profit.  Spinning your articles sucks, and you know it.  

The way to making money isn’t through dreadful list style articles, either.  How many trite suggestions do you have to sift through before you find something decent?  How many AWFUL Bukisa articles do you have to sort before you reach that gem?  You’ve read your share of junk, and so you don’t need to put more junk out there in the online world.  

Nope, the simplest way to get the word of mouth advertising with your articles is to write stuff that YOU want to read.  I’ll repeat the sentence in bold letters as a separate heading, just to capture the attention of the skimmers.

Write Stuff YOU Want to Read

Yeah, that’s pretty simple, isn’t it?  Write stuff that YOU want to read.  Don’t skimp on the information that you have.  Yeah, this article has a singular point, but it’s the MOST important thing that you need to know as an article marketer.  Look at the success that the big name bloggers have. You know what they’re doing?  Writing stuff they want to read, and sharing it.

What are you doing most of the time while you’re on the internet?  Reading, and looking at pictures.  What should you be writing?  Stuff that you want to read.  Not the inane crap that gets produced.   

So, when you’re writing your latest and greatest article, read it over.  Do you feel good about it, or are you just spouting the same old junk that others have given before?  Are you pleased with the level of passion that’s shown in your article?  Would you take the time to read your own article?  If you are interested in your article, click away.  If not, go back to the drawing board or hire someone to make your work remarkable.


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