Do Our Pet Animals Think High or Low About Us?

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Do our pet animals think high or low about us?

Do our pet animals have a thinking system; if yes, do they activate it routinely? They have many things to ponder over – about the food we give them, their play time and a walk along the road side and about all the members in the house etc?

I am sure they would have developed some opinion about all the points I have mentioned but they cannot express them like a human being would. But over a period of time, they learn to convey the gist of their thoughts in some way and we too would come to know what is going on in their mind.

My family members and I are ardent dog lovers. Once we had 4 dogs, a cat and a parrot as our home pet squad. They got along well with each other. Whenever we went out, we used to lock them up inside our home. In any case, they had no idea what life was like outside our home or on the streets. They were home bound living beings.

All of them had been trained in English. They understood our lingo and obeyed our commands – most of the time. And I had become an expert in interpreting their sign and voice language. Actually, every member in the house too could communicate well with each pet. We were like Dr. Do Little

Of the four dogs, one fellow, a German sausage, by the name Chottu turned out to be very clever and smart. He had appointed himself leader of the group. He could express himself very clearly and most unambiguously too. One afternoon he was fast sleep. I called him over. By a small wag of the tip of his tail he indicated that he had heard me. “Why are you disturbing me, Master?” was his counter question.

“That’s not your business. Come here.”
“I won’t come. My sleep is very sweet. I can’t break it.”.
“Sweet, my foot. Come here at once. Otherwise, I‘ll beat you. Understand?”
“Oh, I see? I will complain to Mummy about you. OK?”
“Mummy? She is my wife, Chottu……”
Interrupting me he said, “She is my Mummy, Mister. Mummy’s are very fond of their children. Don’t you know?”

Unable to bear his tantrums I jumped to my feet and rushed towards him. In double quick time he got up and ran to his Mummy, wailing like a wounded dog. and curled around her feet.

The other members viewed him with some anger. “Don’t be stupid, Chottu,” said No.2, the cocker spaniel.

“Shut up, idiot.”

The cocker ran to our elder son, who instead of finding out the problem, started petting him. The Spaniel felt mighty happy and even had forgotten why he had gone to the eldest son.

The parrot shrieked out the only line she knew, “Chottu, stop it.”

Chottu ignored the rebuke and dug deep into Mummy’s legs.

Meantime, the door bell rang. As was customary, all members including the cat rushed to the front door barking and meowing.

I went back to my book.


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