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“To give all peoples around the world, the possibility to have better health and opportunity to join our activity.

Marvalous was established in 2008 and is based in Israel. Their premier product is Omega 3 and according to its directors Marvalous is set to give the 7 Billion dollar industry a shake up.

The Marvalous slogan is “Join the Tribe”. Marvalous reps may participate in the business opportunity as VIP Distributors, Executive Distributors, or Retailers. Marvalous provides a mixture of tools for distributors including access to a back office tracking system, with site access appropriate to the distributor’s membership level. Also included is a training manual and affiliate kit and 150 business cards. The distributor level-based entry fee is as follows:

Retailer: One time payment $200
Executive Distributor: One time payment $900
VIP Distributor: One time payment $1,600

According to Marvalous, the company believes in incorporating innovative products that add to the health of the user and a direct selling method straight from the distributors to the product user in order toget the most out of the product’s distribution and to lessen the costs of the product through savings in marketing and advertising costs thereby creating an added value in the organization where everyone supports the individual and the individual supports everyone.

I have seen many opportunities with incentivised compensation plans that promote the team ethos come and go. So while there is alot of publicity surrounding this company only time will tell if it truely is a winner. With that said with all things being equal, if Marvalous lives up to the build up surrounding the opportunity, millionairres will be made in this company, but will you be one of them?

Statistics across the work from home industry show that on average only 3% of the people who attempt network marketing achieve real financial success. The average person only stays with a company for six months and on average only recruits two people. The gap between the hype and the truth in network marketing is glaring. Yet while a 3% success rate seems like the odds are really stacked against you, you can become part of the 3% success crowd, but first you need to understand the science of the network marketing numbers game and the number one secret behind mass team duplication that will bring you success in Marvalous .

So here’s the numbers game. Once again statistics show that for every 100 people you show your opportunity, only 1 to 3 people will join. With that being said herein lies the number one problem you will face as a Marvalous business owner, finding enough people to show your opportunity to.

Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing opportunity and realistically you need to be generating at least 20 to 30 leads a day. So here’s the truth, the people that make all the money in network marketing are those that use lead generation and marketing systems outside of their MLM company. Your Marvalous business opportunity will not just miraculously start making you money. To build a successful Marvalous business your going to need a marketing system not just a company replicated website and a few ads.

If you can master the lead generation problem you give yourself a real chance of success with Marvalous, but the real trick fast track to masssive team building is in teaching your team, your downline how to duplicate exactly what you do. This brings us to the second problem. As your team grows so do the demands on your time and energy. so how do you manage a large team. Professional network marketers do this through automated team training using cutting edge computer technology to deliver company presentations and training webinars on demand.

Without automation in your Marvalous business your success will be limited by the amount of time you have to focus on generating leads and providing meaningful training and leadership to your team. The bottom line is if you really want to succeed in Marvalous your going to need a powerful marketing system that distinguishes you from everyone else trying to sell Marvalous.


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