7 Amazing Philadelphia Restaurants That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

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For a foodie living in Philadelphia, there are a large number of old and new restaurants serving all kinds of foods. You can never run out of options—you can breakfast, lunch and dine at different restaurants every day of the month and there’ll still be new eateries to explore.  But most of the restaurants charge a high price for the ambience, service and food they serve, and most of them are worth the price. But sometimes you want to eat well and not pay a lot.

Below is the list of my favorite Philadelphia restaurants when I am looking for places that provide value for money. Most of them serve finger-licking fast food; while some let you eat as much as you want for unbelievably low rates.

Geno’s Steaks
If you don’t mind a lot of calories, and you are more into champagne than Yoga, you will love Geno’s. The sandwiches piled with cheese and a thin slice of steak is delicious and easily the best sandwich you can find in Philadelphia. The aroma of grilled steak surrounds the place, and you can fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds at the same time just for a few bucks.

Does the thought of baked bread and meat cooked the Italian way entice you? You can get that, and you have the choice of a number of soups and daily specials. They have comfortable seating and great service to top it all. Only thing you need to worry about is that you’ll end up eating too much: the food is just too tasty.

Campo’s Deli
If you are looking for Philadelphia restaurants that serve authentic Philadelphia food, Campo’s is your place. Campo’s is one of the most famous delis in Philadelphia, and you cannot find better cheese steaks, sandwiches, and Philly Hoagies anywhere else.

Five Guys Burgers
This burger chain is renowned all over the country since its first branch opened in 1986. It serves fantastic hot dogs and hamburgers, and vegetarians can go for grilled veggie and cheese burgers. Go to this restaurant and you are guaranteed great food at for simple prices.

Crown Fried Chicken
If you are bored with Popeye and KFC and want to try a new place that serves better friend chicken for at attractive rates, Crown Fried Chicken is perfect for you. In addition to fried chicken, you can also get burgers, ice cream and seafood. The prices are not high, but they will accept only cash, so carry some cash on you when you come here!

Pat’s King of Steaks
Carrying on the traditions of the first few Philadelphia eaters, this restaurant makes the best cheese steaks in the Philadelphia way. You might have to stand in a line and order quickly, but at the end you will get to eat the classic steak: grilled onions, thick slices of rib eye and melted cheese stuffed into a fresh Italian roll.

New Delhi Indian Restaurant
If you are looking for Philadelphia restaurants serving first-rate Indian food, and which do not charge much, this is your best bet. You get to choose from a wide range of Indian dishes, including seafood, vegetarian, salad and dessert.  Its huge dining area is ideal for big parties.


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