Tips on How to Organize Your Jewelry at Home Like a Chic Boutique!

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We women all have it… and some of us have lots of it! You know what I’m talking about, jewelry! Whether costume or fine jewelry, I own over 100 pieces! One day I looked at it all & came to a crossroads…I was buying some pieces over & over again, because I didn’t know what I had, due to the fact that it wasnt organized in plain sight! I just had to come up with a solution, this was added undue stress to me & not to mention making me spend way too much money!
So I came up with the solution of making my bedroom & closet area into a chic Paris or Hollywood style boutique!
Celebrities have them, why not us average gals & glamour dolls??
I got online and looked for jewelry forms and such, and was very disappointed… A lot of these displays and forms were just too expensive! I tried eBay, and found a few that were a little cheaper but not as many as I needed. So I purchased a few items, such as t-shape bracelet bars, free standing bracelet bars, a few ring trays, & a few necklace forms, maybe 2 or so, but these were not sufficient at all, its a great idea if you have the funds to go this route, but we all like to save a little money right? & besides I needed a much bigger space for all my stuff or a new house, lol!

So first things first, like I said before, eBay, find items u can use at the cheapest prices, such as items mentioned above, bracelet bars are a must if your going for the chic boutique look! As are necklace forms, ring trays & ring forms. These items will only hold a minimum of 6-8 bracelets depending on the size you choose. If you have lots of bracelets like me, you will need lots of these, like 10 or more.

Ring trays hold up to 10 or more rings depending on the size, some hold as many as 50!
These can be left out as displays, tucked away in a pretty fabric lined drawer, or proper slightly on a plate holder to show of your beauties. Plate displays can be purchased at the dollar store!

Also find a few displays called “risers”, they help elevate your jewelry at different heights just like in the boutiques & stores. Pretty inexpensive, like $5-$8 for a pack of 4. Larger sizes equalling higher prices that is.

Purchase a nice inexpensive fabric, or tableclothes to go with your rooms decor to cover the surfaces under the jewelry displays, this makes the area highly attractive and neat to the eye.

You may or may not be able to find each and every item you need, want, or desire to complete your “boutiques” look, and this is when gettIng creative comes into play! Whatever it is that you could not find, male your own!

Empty Spray painted, paper wrapped, or fabric wrapped Aluminum cans make wonderul cubies & holders for makeup brushes. Glass jars cleaned up w tags removed do as well.

Painted paper mâché boxes store brooches, small to large trinkets, small earrings, stretch bracelets, etc superbly!
I’ve even found at crafts stores like michaels, old time pottery, & hobby lobby, small containers & trunks that tuck away some items such as bracelets, bangles, hair clips, hair flowers, sunglasses etc. Beautifully!

Use a plain peg board and insert pegs, glue down (with a good glue such a liquid nails for stability) and hang necklaces from that! Paint the board and bolt to your wall for a chic display!

Chicken wire and screen wire is great for hanging earrings on, just slip the earrings through the holes & your done!
Use an old frame to staple your screen to and your done! Instant earring organizer!
You can paint this as well to suit your decor.

Some larger ring trays work well as a sunglass display as well!

Glue guns are essential in this process, you may need a few small nails, a hammer or rubber mallet, a staple gun, and a good holding glue such as liquid nails. ( be careful this glue is messy, & hard to get off of surfaces, if not handled well)
And that’s about it! A good small weekend project to get you organized and on your way!

So go ahead get creative! The possibilities are endless and you will have your own chic boutique, right in your own home!! Pricless!

Happy crafting!


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