5 Horrible Things About CA For Newcomers

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CA is a beautiful state with many businesses but terrifying living conditions. There are so many crimes there and police is constantly harassing you. It must not be that nice to live there. Here are some reasons why I wouldn’t live or invest in CA.


There are crimes everywhere and in almost every city, and when there is an upscale city, they would go there to rob the people there. Yes, it’s dangerous to live in CA. if you’re wealthy; it’s more dangerous to live there. You’re the bigger target. When you have family here, or little children, it’s even more difficult. They will get in a lot of trouble at school because other children would bully them. You would see children committing suicide in the news in CA all the time. Yes, it’s dangerous to live in CA if you have a family with small children. Although some places in southern CA like SD is not that bad.

Police harassment

Police harasses you there and it doesn’t matter who you are. They will stop you and check you regardless of what you do at the moment. I got stop just for cleaning out my car at home. Yes, the police here are very aggressive.

High cost of living

It’s extremely expensive to live in CA. Everything is expensive. Houses are expensive, gas is expensive, childcare is expensive, college is expensive. You can name anything and it will be expensive. If you don’t mind then you can live there. If you have the money to spend then it might be ok for you.

High cost real estate

Real estate is very expensive here. If you don’t own a home, you will work your entire lifetime just to own a home. Yes, it’s brutal here in CA. I guess you have to be really wealthy to live here. Plus, with all the crimes in CA, I wouldn’t pay that much to live there anyways.

Bad neighbors

Bad neighbors are everywhere or at least in most metropolis cities. If you’re lucky, you will get to live in Malibu where there are fewer crimes and only robbers will come there to rob you. I used to live up to five terrifying neighbors, who assaulted me, stole from me, bother me at midnight for water, and just vandalized my stuff. I’ve had it with bad neighbors and I would do anything to leave there and I was glad that I did.


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