My Obsession With Vintage Media

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I am a sucker for old media.  Anything from the sixties, seventies, eighties or even the nineties will do.  I prefer videos, but magazines will do as well.  My obsession started as a child going through my families old collection of Ebony magazines.  Those have all been thrown away now, but we had a comprehensive collection and I regularly flipped through magazines from the early seventies during the late eighties.

These days old media is hard to find.  There is a lot on YouTube, which I tend to watch in private because my old lady gives me a hard time about it.  She normally would not care, but I can literally sit up and watch old commercials for hours on end.  There is always just one more thing to look at.  I found a website today that dealt with magazines that are no longer in print.  That was a true delight.

My foray into old commercials started when I came across the Retro Junk website.  Their organization of the material is tiring, and you can easily get carpal tunnel.  I came across old commercials on YouTube minding my old business, looking for music from the eighties.  Another cool site is Found in Mom’s Basement, a true treasure trove of old advertisements.  There are more than enough sites for those freaks like myself that want to lose themselves in time.

The irony of my obsession with the eighties is that I was actually around to experience the eighties.  But I would like to have experienced the seventies and the eighties as someone that was well into their twenties that could truly experience it for what it was worth.  My childhood was hard, and at the time I could not truly appreciate mass media for what it was.

Another treat is old movies.  Many try to duplicate the rough editing from the eighties but few succeed.  I do not know why the old seems new to me.  Somehow I just enjoy the simple, rough, analog qualities of gems from the past.  The look and feel is hard to duplicate with digital technology.  Every now and again I try to give the new stuff a try, you know because it is all shot in high definition and the audio and video quality is superior, but it simply is not the same.  If they only had high definition technology back then, it would blow my mind!


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