Will This End With a Kiss?

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So there are only a few days left to reach the end of this year’s Lenten period. It started with a warning from above, “You are dust, and you shall return to dust.” (Genesis 3: 19) Was it a fear of destiny? Or was it an emotional inspiration suggested by some inner thought? Or was it a mere routine practice that comes and goes every year? Anyhow the forty-day period of Lent is being dragged to a happy end of Easter dinner.

Waiting for a kiss?

Kissing has been a symbol in the Catholic tradition as a sign of reverence for what that kissed object represents.  They kiss the hands of their pastors. They kiss the rings of their bishops. They kiss the Cross of Christ to show their respect to it an object chosen by God to cause Redemption to humanity. They show their respect by venerating it with either a kiss or some other sign of reverence. They think that the Cross represents for us all that Jesus suffered out of love for the human race.  Does the kiss of the Cross mark the end of Lent? Will it stop all the efforts for repentance?

Lenten practice is a continuation

Lent is not some traditional ritual. It is a life. It is to be lived throughout life. The practices of amendment that were initiated during this period have to be continued throughout life to keep life afresh. The rituals of fasting, abandoning bad habits that affect body and soul, and almsgiving of charity should be continued throughout life.

Why to continue the Lenten practices?

The benefit of Lent is to look into our lives, jettison what is bad, and keep what is good beyond the celebration of Easter. Is it not fitting to keep it beyond Easter since it is helpful to life?

Why to fast at least once in a month?

Fasting is not a religious ritual. It is a necessary exercise. Ayurveda, the Indian medicinal system, recommends fasting once a week to eliminate toxins from the body. Skipping a meal and spending the time in prayer is a great way to prepare for an important decision or critical task you are about to take on. It will surely bring you success in your career. It is a way of saying, “O God, Let your will be done.”

Continue the abstinence from bad habits

Lent has been a period just to give you a good start. You decided to abandon some habits that had been bad for the health of your body and soul. Continue your effort. It will always do help to you.

Think of others

Globalization and consumerism have made modern life more selfish. But that will end in only in chaos. The simplicity of Lent reminded you of how much you have and how little really you need. Keep going through the closets and shelves of your life and give away what you do not absolutely need.

Think of others. There are millions who are experiencing the painful pinch of hunger. Are they not, who are suffering from hunger around the world, our brothers and sisters? Just do some charities according to your might

Let the Paschal Light shine in your life

Make your life bright. Let the Paschal Light shine throughout your life enlightening you and others. Let the happiness of the Glorious Easter prevail forever!


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