Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

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Ginkgo Biloba is a tree which has been recorded to have existed for over 200 million years. The tree grows tall with peaks nearing as high as 164 feet with average lifespan of 2,500 years. It is one of the most effective herbs that can treat many health issues including memory loss and concentration. To find out more foods that can help boost concentration, please check ‘top foods for concentration’.

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

1) Ginkgo Helps Blood Circulation

This is one of the most important health benefits provided by Ginkgo Biloba. This herb helps improve blood circulation throughout the body as well as the brain. The reason why this happens is because Ginkgo contains some substances that help relax the blood vessels.

2) Ginkgo Neutralizes Free Radicals

One benefit of Ginkgo Biloba is that the antioxidants found in Ginkgo neutralize the free radicals in the body which can prevent heart disease, cancer and other health issues. There are two substances out of 40 known as flavonoids and terpenoids which help fight the free radicals.

Free radicals are the most common causes of heart disease and cancer because they damage cells and their structures. If the genetic materials are not repaired, it can copy into new cells and cause the health problems. Their work becomes more successful when people get into contact with harmful toxins like radiation, air pollution and cigarette smoke. To find out more about the health effects of actual smoking and passive smoking, please check ‘health effects of smoking’ and ‘health effects of passive smoking’. If you wish to get these harmful chemicals out of your body, please check ‘how to get rid of free radicals’.

3) Ginkgo can Treat Depression

Ginkgo is a useful herb for the treatment of depression. People who have taken Ginkgo have noticed massive mood changes and improvements. These changes can be easily observed in older patients than younger adults. Let us read more about the ways you can treat depression on ‘ways to treat to depression’.

4) Other benefits of Ginkgo

The benefits listed above are not all that Ginkgo has to offer. There are many more benefits that you need to know about. These benefits include:

Memory improvement

Improving concentration

• Improving long distance vision

• Avoiding retina damage

• Relief from headaches

• Relief from sinusitis and tinnitus

• Preventing hearing loss

• Improving nerve cell functions

• Treatment for Cerebral atherosclerosis

• Treatment for Senility

• Reducing short-term memory loss

• Treatment for Vascular disease


In all, Ginkgo Biloba has several benefits to offer to a human being. This herb should be consumed as capsules, tablets or with tea.

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