Gmail, The Email of Google

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Gmail came on April 1, 2004, and it was opened for a very small, and that access is granted to a group of users, with invitations made selectively, this in order that these users could be tested and reporting errors and problems encountered in this new email platform.

Later, the invitations became more frequent, as Gmail was taking best ways and that the acceptance by the first users were so good and that it had made an impression, given the ease and usability of the new mail platform Free electronic.

Gmail launched with a capacity of 1GB for each user of space, and thinking that the tranquility of the users, as complaint was that the space was very limited, and users of e-mails such as Hotmail, required greater capacity for storing your emails and not have to be deleting important emails often because its capacity had reached its limit.

The storage capacity was one of the reasons why so many users want to move to this new email platform such as Gmail, as seen with this new way something that Hotmail did not give them, and it was the right to be saved without concern emails.

As time progressed and was opening Gmail and more and when the time that invitations were no longer required to have an email account to Gmail, people were moving, then, Gmail and gave them much more capacity, introduced in the system as a counter, indicating that grew steadily building, this to cause a stampede of users to their email platform.

Gmail was the purpose of wresting the large number of users of Hotmail e-mail that he had then, as it was and is to this day, the free e-mail platform which has the largest number of users, and Gmail for some is achieved both its mission, as were many who decided to move to Gmail, Hotmail abandoned by the inability of this to give them more space to store your emails, apart from providing a more stable platform and usable.

Another feature that Gmail account is its powerful spam filter, sometimes leading to surpass the protection of users.

But Gmail login for a while now is not just a free email tool, but it has a large office structure, since it has an office computer, with some resemblance to what is Microsoft Office, this in open competition with this company and their compatibility with Microsoft Office products, giving users tremendous value, since not only can use one of these tools for text or graphics and presentations, but you have the facility you can share with your friends, colleagues or your own company without having to send documents by email, but it remains online and can be edited by any user with whom the documents have been shared.


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