5 Ways to Look Hot Fast

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Dress up

If you don’t look hot enough, it could due to your fashion style. Some people are hot but they dress down so much that they could be mistaken for a homeless. If you dress down too much, you will need to dress up once you’re going out or if you want people to notice you. It’s important to dress up once in awhile or once you’re out at a party or where it’s important to you. Dressing up will definitely give you that extra advantage when you want to look hot. You can get rid of that grandma wardrobe, and forget about the sweaters and sweatpants. You can slide up a nice black, cocktail dress or just a nice, sexy dress will do.

Wear makeup

Some people don’t wear enough makeup and they force people to stare at their pimples, scar, oil and everything else. It’s totally unnecessary when you’re out on a date or a social gathering but perfect in your bedroom. You don’t have to don on all the makeup at once but at least shape your eyebrows, wear lipsticks, wear eye shadows, wear perfume, wear light powder or blush or wear mascara, it will make all the difference and people will thank you for it. Makeup will make you look hot and sizzling in no time.

Color your hair

Believe it or not, hair colors can make all the difference in your looks. It can make you look so much more different than the way you look right now. You should color your hair once in awhile and go with what’s in. Your hair will give you a new twist and you will love it and so will your date. Hair colors can make all the difference in the way that we look. It can spell that we’re fashionable or that we’re old school or just don’t care. If you don’t want to color it, at least get a neat haircut where it’s trendy and great looking. Wash and condition your hair and give it a great look so that it’s presentable.

Wear heels

Heels can make you very sexy. Have you try them? If you’re short and need some height to look sexy then you need to don on a pair of heels. They’re everywhere and they don’t cost that much but will add miles of sexiness to your looks so make sure to try on a pair of heels.

Dress thin

If you have weight problems and you want to look great and you want to dress thin, I suggest you look over your closet and pick out clothing that will compliment your size. You can dress thin and you can look thinner. Looking thin is great and it will add confidence to you. You can wear more black, heels, less white or light color or tight clothing that shows off your figure. You should hide them if you are not in great shape.


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