Health Benefits of Coffee: Reduce Risk of Diabetes

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Coffee is the most popular drug in the world with over millions of people drinking coffee every day for a bright morning. Apart from its health effects on pregnancy and so on, it also has its own health benefits. This article will explain more about the benefits of coffee with diabetes. For other health benefits such as cancer cure and concentration, please refer to ‘health benefits of coffee’.

Did you know that a few cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of diabetes? Furthermore, men can reduce the risk of diabetes by 54% and 30% in women than those who do not drink at all. However, it is mandatory to stop putting sugar or cream inside your coffee which may decrease its effectiveness.

How much should I drink?

Because of its effectiveness on diabetes, it does not mean to say that you should start drinking several cups of coffee a day and drown your body in caffeine. Make small and slow arrangements for drinking coffee with only 2-3 cups a week. Once you get used to this regime, it won’t be difficult to let go of it so easily. Nevertheless, remember not to overload your coffee drinking habits or it could cause more harm than good. To find out about the health effects of coffee on pregnancy and more, please check ‘health effects of coffee’.

Is decaffeinated Coffee better for diabetes?

Apart from coffee, other sources of food such as chocolate, soda drinks and tea contain caffeine which gives them all its health benefits. One proof why caffeine is the ingredient which helps reduce diabetes risk is because those people who drank caffeinated coffee drinks showed a lower risk of diabetes than those who drank decaffeinated coffee. This can tell you that caffeine helps lower diabetes risk excluding other antioxidants. However, more research has shown that a chemical in coffee called quinines may help as well. A research was undertaken on lab rats where they were given quinines. These chemicals caused an increased response to insulin whereas those who are diabetic have cells which become less responsive to insulin. This causes the pancreas to produce significant amounts of insulin until the pancreas is worn out.

Some people get concerned of thinking they might be suffering from the condition. If your one of them, it is necessary to revise the symptoms to make sure you’re alerted early. For information on this, please check ‘symptoms of diabetes’.


You may be surprised to find out that caffeine has its own health benefits. Obviously, you shouldn’t choose to consume as much caffeine as possible or it can be counterproductive.

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