How Do You Choose The Right Wine To Go With Your Dish

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 Choosing the correct wine to go with your dish can sometime be tricky. Well I will narrow it down to what you may want to choose for whatever you may be preparing. Because believe it or not, certain wines only compliment certain dishes. You have sweet wine and there are some that is very much bitter. If you are serving beef dish, the obvious choice would be Red Wine, simply because it compliments the dish’s flavors and it balances out the fat and the beef. Two good choices are Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. For a Poultry dish you may want to serve Chardonnay. For Pork dishes your best choice would be a lighter wine, red wine as well, which could be Beaujolais.

If you would prefer a white wine try Sauvignon Blanc, or a Chardonnay.  This wine will somewhat drown out the strong flavor of the seafood somewhat, if that is not what you prefer, try a lighter wine. For seafood dishes, the best wine would be Chardonnay, Pinot Gris/Noir, or Beaujolais. These wines are choosen because of the strong flavor of the seafood. Then there is dessert, which is my favorite part. Fruit-based desserts are best served with sweeter wines. Champagne work best for desserts that contain berries. Your favorite berries soaked in your favorite champagne is great to.

For your chocolate desserts the best wine would be Merlot. This wine will compliment and take away some of the sweetness of the chocolate, while yet complimenting the sweetness as well. A very good blend. Well there you have it. Trying to pick the proper wine to go with the right dish can be hectic sometime. Because knowing what flavors of wine go well with whatever type dish you are making is key to how your dinner is going to turn out as far as flavors blending well together. Because when it come to creamy, tomato, salt, citrus, spicy and sweet dishes, choosing the best wine is a key ingredient for blending the best flavors, so always be careful and  take time to be choosey about the best wines that compliment the dish you are preparing, before you just select anything.


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