Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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Bathroom remodeling projects the hottest home renovation projects this year, perhaps due to the continuing slump in the economy. Dollar for dollar, remodeling a bathroom costs far less than remodeling a kitchen or a room addition.  A typical cost effective bathroom remodeling project consists of making so-called green plumbing upgrades and installing water-saving products.

Remodeling a bathroom makes sense for homeowners looking for ways to save money and optimize the investment they’ve already made in their home. A well planned and designed bathroom remodeling project will also add value to any home, which could be a plus when the housing market begins to recover.

Eco-friendly remodeling

Water and energy efficiency products are important for helping protect and conserve water. Replacing old 5 gal. 3.5 gal and 1.6 gal Toilets with new 1.28 High Efficiency Toilet would be a good place to begin. Water-saving products such as tankless water heaters and high efficiency toilets, faucets and valves are also value-added improvements. This gives homeowners more options when it comes to convenience and comfort.

Design and style

Not surprisingly, white and chrome fixtures remain the most popular combination for the bathroom. However, softer lines and contemporary designs are considered more upscale and more desirable than traditional functionality. Bathroom fixtures with distinctively softer lines with more sensual shapes are preferred in both the kitchen and bath.  One example of this trend is the popular vessel sink design, particularly lower vessels with single lever or wall mounted faucets.

For those interested in the ongoing counter-culture movement, bathroom vanities that look more like antique furniture than a traditional vanity cabinet are popular items for creating a bathroom with a distinctive, Victorian-era appeal.

Another noticeable value-added trend is for the installation of larger, more luxurious showers, removal of the bathtub completely, and combination of bathtub and luxurious shower in a single space.

Finally, and as always, any addition of attractive and complementary functional storage space is highly desirable for adding both value and functionality. Authentic Victorian-era furniture works well here.

The new Master Bathroom

The Man or Woman Cave trend has now spilled over into the master bathroom. The idea is to have a master bathroom equipped with every gadget imaginable, such as body dryers and waterproof shower TV sets, nifty coffee bars, makeup rooms and a fully accessorized dressing room. It seems like most people are seeking to capture the beauty of a  luxury hotel suite right at home.


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