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Many of the working from home opportunities that are on TV, in newspapers or online may not be what they seem. Many are scams, which take your money and leave you with very little hope of getting your cash back. Some may earn you a small amount of money, but then it’s often too much work for it making it not worth it.
In my search, trying to find some way to escape the 9-5 madness, be at home with my kids and reduce costs, I’ve found a few ways to cash in online. But it’s no get rich quick scheme, this is going to take a bit of work, so don’t think you’re going to find easy money.

There are many reasons for wanting to work from home. Some want to spend more time with their children or to work in their pajamas in the comfort of home. Others want to cut their commute down to a short walk to their computer. No matter the reason, there are a lot of people searching for the way to escape the outside workforce and change their lifestyle by working at home. It’s not an easy task, but I’ll try to offer a few starting points to begin the search from.

Try not to fall for the get rich overnight promises that you will find by the dozen. Most of these claims only make the con wealthy – but if you are willing to work at it, there’s ways to bring in a steady stream of income. The best thing about the internet is that there is no limit to how many times you can reproduce those streams.
If one blog is earning a few dollars a day, try setting up another or add a website. Link videos into it and find other ways to increase not only your traffic, but your income streams as well.

Some folks start with a website. There are many places online that make putting up a site simple and easy. Now you can have an information site or an ecommerce site where you sell products. Sometimes you can combine the two and sell information products. There is a lot of flexibility to what you end up with. But whatever type you settle on, remember to pay attention to marketing.

Choosing the right keywords for the site, the domain and adding the right content are all important to getting the attention of the search engines. They are how people find the things that their looking for online. Pick the right keywords and you can get ranked rather quickly so that more people can find you. Natural search results are not easy to get, but done right they offer the best ranking position on the search results. You may not have the knowledge to do these things, but like every endeavor some education is needed to succeed.

To outsource or do it yourself, that is the question. If you think that you can learn to handle all the different tasks of website creation, marketing and search engine optimization; including all the research, choosing niches and products to fit them. You can give it a try.

If all of this jargon sounds completely out of your comfort zone then you have the option to have others do what you want done for a fee. From writing content and articles, to creating websites, blogs and emails. There are skilled people that can handle everything that you need done to have an online business. You just have to have the money to pay them for their work. Just remember that even though everything is set up and ready to go, you still have to maintain it.

Even if you get most of it automated, you still have some work to do to keep it running, even if it only takes a few minutes every day. Then there’s the decision to duplicate it all once you have the first one running on autopilot. It won’t take a few days or weeks, this could take months to get it all set up and running. Then you have to make sure that it’s bringing in a steady flow of income. When you are creating your own business, there is work involved. You have to decide if you are up to being the boss and all that entitles in responsibility and effort.

The other side of the coin is that all that hard work also comes with unlimited opportunity. You can set up any kind of business you want as long as you can figure out what it is you want to do. Most start with something they love, a passion for a hobby or interest that makes the work easier. A blog about scuba diving can lead to a website that offers classes. A blog about cooking, dance or playing an instrument can lead to videos to help show how to do the tasks, which can then lead to a website that give more information, classes and/or products to sell. Each building upon the other gives steps to increase traffic and test the popularity of the niches chosen. There’s no limit to what you can offer or create.

One woman out west created a site out for fun as she was learning to make websites. She had a lot of tumbleweeds that rolled about all over her property. So she set up a site that offered tumbleweeds for sale, took pictures and had a price list for small, medium and large. Imagine her surprise when someone placed an order for some! Her tumbleweed business is doing very well, with sales to movie companies, t.v. shows and more.

Another person takes cow pies and after treating them, creates clocks out of them. A man that loves hot sauce created a great blend which all his friends raved about. He found a way to offer it on a website and it wasn’t long before a hot sauce company contacted him after trying his product. He’s was able to sell his hot sauce to that company for a nice profit and even have a say on what to call it. He’s not looking into other products to make.

Some resources

For making a website, one of the easier sites that I’ve found was Viviti.com. For someone that isn’t familiar with how to make a site, this is a great place to start. Now if you have some experience with how to make a site, then dropping into Bravenet.com is a good idea. They offer all kinds of templates to work with and it’s easy to customize them to make a really good site. I’ve also found a few other places that may be good stepping stones. Check out Freeservers.com and 000webhost.com for a good free hosting site. 000webhost.com even offers free templates to download and customize in an editor.

If you can write and enjoy doing so, you might be able to make some money by sharing the advertisement revenue with some sites. If your content is good, brings in visitors and keeps them engaged and entertained you can make a good income. Also you can refer visitors to your own blog, website or anywhere you want at the end of your article or writing. The links below are a good place to start if you want to make some money writing.

The Newsvine community loves investigative reporting, opinion pieces, and just about everything else considered newsworthy and in good taste. Newsvine also sells advertising around all content on the site and returns 90% of the advertising revenue from your content right back to you.

Share your experiences from your own travel diary- reviews, blogs, photos and videos- and map your past and future trips. Members who sign up as a travel guide can share in the advertising revenues generated from their guide page.

Why should anyone else reap the benefits of your labor? When you submit your work to oondi, you get 100% of the advertisement profits.

As soon as you register, this basically becomes your website, with your AdSense blocks displayed next to your content, and you’ll be able to write articles, reviews, and stories about your knowledge and experience on any topic you feel comfortable with, as well as read, ask questions, and exchange information with others.

There are lots more out there and if writing is your passion there are many different places to share your talent.

My experience

I started a blog about online gaming with help from my brother and sister to post content. We set up Google Adsense for Content and got approved. Then we started to write articles, reviews and post video trailers of new games. We concentrated on this niche since it’s one we all know rather well. We added an estore that offers products, game cards, t-shirts and other gift items for die hard gamers.

We also added a twitter account update, social site link buttons and between playing betas, reading other blogs and checking out news on upcoming games, we post our content as often as we can. We’re posting our linkbacks to our social sites and so far we’ve made over $100 from Adsense. But it isn’t easy money either, you really have to enjoy the stuff you are doing so you don’t just chuck it after a few weeks. We picked this niche cause we can keep doing the work part of it and hopefully we can attract more traffic in time.

Working from home is a big step and can change your life in many ways. Some often continue to work until their online projects produce enough income to replace their salary. Taking the risk out of working at home and improving their chances at success.

There are many different opportunities, from selling products on eBay or on your own website to writing articles, posting to a blog or even writing stories. If you really want to work from home be sure to do a lot of research before you start. Think about what you want to do and how you’ll make your money. Be sure that you set up multiple ways to bring in more than one stream of cash. This will reduce the problems if one of those streams disappears. You will at least have a couple more around to keep income coming in.

Be smart and do what ever you can while you still have money available. Above all don’t fall for the get rich quick talk. Like the turtle in the tale, slow and steady wins the race.


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