Enhance Your Abundance in 3 Simple Steps

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3 Simple steps

The first step would be to notice the abundance that already exists in your close surrounding. Open your closet and notice how many cloths you have, the stack of CD’s, the rich variety of music that you have collected. Move into your shower-room and notice how many utensils you have. You have shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, facial towel, wash-towel, mirror, sponge, toilet-paper, brush, hand cream and so on. Isn’t this amazing, so many things in the place where you actually spend so little time — that is a real proof! Abundance exists.

Now I have a question for you – how many times did it happen to you that you went to the supermarket, and it took you so long to choose which type of cheese you wished to get. You couldn’t decide since you came across such a variety of options.

Look at your home, your office, your neighborhood — look and notice the many things that are there.

Now make a list of all the things you own… Just start doing it and after about 10 minutes you will get tired, because you will find that the list is so long, it could take you hours…. Now do you believe me?!… Be aware of this abundance and just be blessed by it.

The second step would be to enjoy your abundance because you deserve it.

Now that you are aware of the abundance that surrounds you each and every day, just let yourself enjoy it. There are many beautiful things that you save for special occasions or for special guests. It might be that you are saving things so they would not come to an end or be destroyed. Just leave all that make use of things today, enjoy them now, enjoy the abundance you have, what good does it make if you have something and you don’t use it??? I once received a golden pen as a gift and for a whole year I kept it in the box. It seemed too expensive for me to use. One day I decided to take it with me to work, and believe me, it was such a pleasure I enjoyed writing with it, and I felt so rich and abundant.

If you have such a pen, I highly recommend using it. If you have expensive silverware, give yourself the gift and use it today, give it to the most important person – yourself. Enjoy the abundance that you have. Treat yourself with love. You deserve abundance.

The third step would be to enhance your focus on abundance because what you focus on enhance.

Expand and focus on the abundance in your life by bringing in symbols of what reminds you of prosperity. Think to yourself for a moment what abundance and prosperity mean to you, and what represents it in your eyes. Bring those symbols into your household or workplace.

For example, I place inside my house a bowl. In the bowl I put many coins and a Citrine stone and positioned it at the south-western corner of the house. According to Chinese traditions that corner represents the source of abundance and riches. I have a picture of a treasure box filled with jewelry, gold and silver hanged on the wall in my home office, my bookshelf contains books on successful people and companies and other books teaching of the laws of the universe in relation to abundance and prosperity. A beautiful Citrine colony rests on my desk and I can attest to the fact that it really does attract abundance into my life. Citrine is the best of all crystals to attract money and wealth. It is said that it is the best crystal drawing unlimited wealth, abundance and prosperity.

You can find many more examples, find those who appeal the most to you,and use them.

These things require only a little effort, but can expand the sense of abundance and the abundance itself in your life. Try it and be abundant.

Happy and Healthy Living to you


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