Who Wouldnt Want to Sleep on Bamboo Sheets?

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Bamboo fabric sheets are an Eco-friendly alternative to cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets is popular and becoming more attractive than their cotton counterparts.

Bamboo fabric is wonderful. Its softer than traditional cotton sheets and have developed a strong following among consumers that are concerned with going Green since bamboo sheets are ecologically friendly. Experts have advised that bamboo is grown without pesticides. However, the fibers need to be separated which can be a chemically intense process.

Experts of the bamboo fabric and process note that while bamboo fabric appears to be soft and breathable it is prone to shrinkage and pilling, particularly when its not blended with other fibers.

However, fans of bamboo sheets love the softness that cannot be compared with cotton. In addition, bamboo sheets are anti-bacterial. Because they are anti-bacterial they will stay fresher longer. For those with sensitive skin and allergies, bamboo sheets are ideal. They are gentler for more sensitive skin and hypo-allergenic.

These sheets make ideal gifts for nearly any occasion. Gifts for new homes, weddings, birthdays or simply to treat yourself to something very special. Imagine crawling between the comfort of these sheets that are so many times softer than the highest thread count cotton sheet you can conceive of.




If you would like to know what the average consumer thinks of bamboo sheets compared to other sheets on the market such as cotton, flannel, silk or satin you can check with various consumer reporting sites.

The best guide for bed sheets comes from Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports ranks sheets on the results of independent tests for attributes like strength and shrinkage, basically overall content and consumer reviews.

One of the benefits of the Consumer Reports is that it includes all bed sheets that consumers recognize and not only the top performers. This is a great source to obtain honest feedback from consumers regarding any sort of sheets, including bamboo sheets.

Allergy Buyers Club site tests as well as rates various sheets. However, unlike the Consumer Reports they only include positive reviews. Beware of this particular site because they sell bed sheets in addition to reviewing them. Therefore, they will definitely have a vested interest in what sheets are reviewed as more positive than others.

If you would like to find a variety of colors, patterns and choices for bamboo sheets, purchase your set online. Amazon.com has a wide array of bamboo sheets available. Locating bamboo sheets in your community may not be as easy to find as your average cotton or flannel sheets. In addition to the large assortment of bamboo sheets, Amazon.com customers typically find many of the best deals online.


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