Watch What You Eat When You Eat Out

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Do you consistantly starve yourself until you get to the restaurant, and then order everything on the menu to fill the hunger gap? If you are serious about watching your weight there are things you can do to be a more informed diner so you make the right decisions on what food to eat when you dine out.

Fitness expert Bob Green (yes, the same Bob Green from the Oprah show) gives us a few tips on what to consider at different types of restaurants.

Italian Restaurants

-Try to skip the bread basket. At the very least, do not have it sitting in front of you for the whole meal. This is just testing your patience. 

-Always split the pasta dishes. The portions are normally large enough for two; so always share because this way you do not overeat. 

-Try to choose soup for a meal, like Minestrone or any healthier option soup.  

-Always avoid anything called parmagiana as it is usually fried and layered with cheese. Though this is always the best meal in Italian restaurants but it does the most harm. 

Chinese Restaurants

-You must always watch the oil and avoid anything deep-fried as all deep fried food will be soaking in oil. 

-You must remember most of the calories in this place are hidden in the sauces. So try to order dishes soaked in sauces. 

-Always say “no” to egg rolls as they are filled with fat. Mostly unsaturated fat which is very bad for health. 

-Try to avoid dishes with eggplant in them because eggplant soak up the oil like a sponge. 

-Always choose brown rice over white but do not be mistaken fried rice for brown rice. Fried rice is white rice fried with oil, another dish to try to avoid. 

-Fortune cookies are okay to eat because they only have about 30 calories.

Mexican Restaurants

-Always skip the chips and nachos. They tend to contain a lot of fat. 

-Try to substitute salsa for other toppings such as cheese, guacamole and sour cream. Salsa topping tend to have a lot of unhealthy ingredients in them. 

-Always avoid quesadillas and enchiladas that are filled with cheese. Tamales are filled with fat. 

-Try to only eat half a burrito and save the rest for later. This way we will not overeat. 

-Taco salads are a good option but just do not eat the shell. The shell doubles the calories. So always be smart in counting the calories before putting into the mouth. 

-Fajitas are a good option but load them up with veggies and salsa and skip the sour cream.

Bob believes there is nothing more dangerous than showing up at a restaurant really hungry. Being an informed diner can save you hundreds of calories in just one meal. To buffer the hunger, be sure to snack before you go out. Snack the healthy way though as we do not want to give you the wrong idea. 


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