Get Ex Girlfriend Back By Showing Her You’re Desirable And Available

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Do you wish to get ex girlfriend back?  In three quarters of break ups, girls are the ones who call it quits.  As you’re probably aware by this time in your life, women are irrational creatures.  They don’t always say or do what is in their finest interest.  Often, within days of a break up, a woman is ready to get back together.  However, she’s embarrassed that she made a scene and won’t let you know that she’d prefer to reconcile.  Unless you make a move, you’re at a stalemate with the scenario being that you’re broken up.  So, it’s up to you to get ex girlfriend back.

To get ex girlfriend back, you have to pursue a two pronged approach.  The first thing you must do is show her that you are desirable.  The second factor is to show her you can be found and also you want her back.

If there was a core motive for the break up, you need to address that.  For example, when Scott and Rachel first began going out, he took her to plays and concerts because she really loved the arts.  As they got more settled in their relationship, dates increasingly revolved around his passion for sports.  Actually, after Rachel called the relationship off, Scott realized that they hadn’t done an arts occasion in almost 4 months.

Scott realized that in order to get ex girlfriend back, he had to show her the enjoyable parts that she had been lacking from the relationship.  

Scott didn’t bombard Rachel with calls and text messages immediately.  He gave her her space.  But a couple weeks after the break up, he casually mentioned that he had two tickets to the symphony and asked whether or not she would like to go “just as friends.”

Of course, Rachel jumped at the chance to do something she preferred with the man she was still in love with.  Scott and Rachel went to the concert and then he took her to a romantic restaurant where he bought the perfect bottle of wine on the menu.  Rachel was blown away by the “new” Scott and began hinting that she wouldn’t mind restarting the relationship.

At this level, the ball was in Scott’s court.  He now had the upper hand to outline how they were going to get back together.  Get ex girlfriend back meant getting her on his terms.

He told Rachel that he had enjoyed the evening and he looked forward to more similar to it.  But he also enjoyed sports and hoped that if they got back together she could be prepared to learn more about offside and fouls.  

Because she was in a terrific mood, she agreed.  The new terms for going forward with the relationship had been set and everybody was happy.

Keep in mind, Rachel broke up with Scott in a fit of pique.  However she didn’t actually wish to end the relationship.  Scott handled all the things just right in realizing what was missing, fixing it, after which continuing underneath a brand new set of rules.

And, that’s how Scott went about get ex girlfriend back.


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