Unusual Ideas For Wedding Centerpieces

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Many brides have been planning their wedding since childhood.  The wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses are often the first items a bride will pick out for the big day.  There are also flower arrangements to choose, a venue to reserve and a menu to prepare.  Couples must make many decisions to create a memorable ceremony for their guests.  One way to plan a truly unique wedding and make an impact is to choose an unusual centerpiece to adorn the guest tables at the reception.

One idea for a distinctive arrangement is to go with an African safari theme.  Animal prints painted on vases containing a variety of long grasses will evoke the feel of the Sub-Saharan plains and has a truly organic beauty. Think of the exotic effect that a zebra and/or cheetah print vases that are surrounded by greenery will create with your centerpiece. You can add to this centerpiece: figurines of elephants, zebras and African Flamingos. These are colorful ways to continue the theme while using the animals as cute and unique wedding favors for any young wedding party members and attendees.  Utilizing this collection of items will generate a wonderful feel at your reception and leave a lasting impression.

Designing a wedding centerpiece around a certain era is another unique idea.  The Roaring 20’s were defined by jazz, and nightclubs.  A 1920‘s nightclub-inspired theme will make the event stand out from the typical wedding. The ideal centerpiece for this theme wedding, could be simple, yet attention-grabbing. Think of a large, rectangular light box. The light box is reminiscent of the New York City jazz clubs of the era, a silver-lit box on every table is very different, yet sophisticated.

For couples that are fans of the cinema, a movie-themed centerpiece can be incredibly dramatic.  A “Wizard of Oz,” design would really be stunning and the film abounds with ideas for arrangements to decorate the guest tables.  Vases shaped like the Emerald City should certainly contain the flowers that almost led to the downfall of Dorothy and her friends:  poppies. Continue the poppy theme throughout the centerpiece with touches of green on the perimeter.

With so many ideas, it can be hard to choose an unusual and stunning centerpiece.  The design should be something that reflects the bride’s and groom’s tastes and personalities, no matter how unusual or unique.  For couples that want to make a distinctive statement with their wedding centerpieces, the only limit is truly your imagination.


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