Making Money Posting Links to Your Articles. Option # 6: Flixiya

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“Flixya is a publishing platform to blog or simply share your favorite videos and photos while earning 100% profit. Are you a blogger, author or writer? Writing informative and unique content is the best way to attract an audience and grow your earnings.”

Flixya aims to function as a social networking site that monetizes its users’ content Flixiya started as a quality video site  

What can I write at Flixiya?

  1. Flixiya allows anyone to post Images/ Links/Videos and you can comment on other people uploads
  2. It is important to post interesting and original content to attract an audience or increase views.

  3. You can promote a link with video/photo and blog. Outgoing links are allowed. This means bookmarks are welcome. Here you go!

  4. The content should be appropriate (Not adult oriented or porno) otherwise you can lose both your Flixiya account and your adsense account. Many Flixiya members have been suspended for posting inappropriate content.

  5. Share Your Content on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums and social bookmarking sites.

  6. Always add Accurate Titles. It means always add entertaining and attractive titles. Flixiya is a website to entertain.

  7. Add a Description (Additional information) to the video/photo/link

  8. Always add tags (keywords) to your links/article/photos/videos

  9. Disable comments on your posts/articles/photos/videos/bookmarks/links because many experienced members promote that there content can be spammed with unrelated comments and unrelated links.

What I cannot upload at Flixiya?

  • Flixiya has zero tolerance for inappropriate content. If you submit adult material, your account and content will be deleted. In addition, you risk the loss of your Google AdSense Publisher ID.

  • Adult material includes submitting or uploading content that is or related to or about: Fetish, lingerie, webcams, sex, drugs, death, explicit, partial nudity, blatant adult keywords, tags. Any content that is inappropriate for the general audience is not allowed at Flixiya.

  • Uploads which are protected by copyright law can get you suspended from Flixiya.

What I cannot do at Flixiya?

  • Spamming is strictly prohibited.

  • Users soliciting others to click ads will be immediately terminated without warning.

How can you promote your content at Flixiya?
 Following methods of bringing traffic are deemed correct at Flixiya

  • Posting on Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking

  • Sharing on forums, blogs, social networks

  • Linking from other webpages

  • Email newsletters and signatures

  • Submitting to link directories

Paid traffic is not allowed for Google AdSense account.

How to earn money at Flixiya (AdSense only)

  • There is no referral program.

  • You can earn money from your Google AdSense account. 100% of advertisement revenue is yours. As you all know that Google AdSense revenue depends on content/keywords, traffic quality, page views, etc. Revenue per ad click can range anywhere from 2 cents to $15 per click and up.

  •  There is no chitika or pay per page view system.

What is special about this Flixiya:

  1. Flixiya is fast, easy, and fun to use.
  2. Users Receive 100% of AdSense revenue. OMG that is too good.

  3. There is no word limit so you can post as long as you can and as short as you can. Obviously longer descriptions have more seo value. But it is up to you.

  4. Flixiya welcomes users from all over the world.
  5. No fees, no gimmicks and no website needed. There is this one social book-marking website Tagfoot probably that asks you to pay a 5$ membership fee in the beginning. A membership fee to join a social network is perhaps not reasonable(as far as I believe, share your opinion too)


 Unlike traditional social bookmarking platforms, Flixya allows users to post images and videos along with their blogs, and share the revenue on those as well. The best thing is 100% revenue but I have heard of many people who have got their Google AdSense account banned at Flixiya. The reason being, there are a number of spammers at Flixiya who offer click exchange to newbies. You all know what Click fraud can do to a Google AdSense account. I advise people to join Flixiya when they have received payment from AdSense once or twice. Just to be on the safe side, receiving one or more payments means that an adsense publisher is well versed in the T.O.S (Terms of Service) of Google Adsense.

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