Wwe Smackdown 15/04/2011 Review

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Alberto says how Edge should come out and present him with the World Heavyweight Championship, as he deserves it after winning the number one contendership. Teddy comes out to announce a 20 man over the top battle royal to determine the second number one contender to face Alberto in a ladder match at Extreme Rules for the championship. Alberto does not like that decision, says he has never liked Teddy and how he is glad he forced the crippled, coward into retirement. Teddy stops Alberto from saying it is his destiny to win the championship and says it is his destiny to shit up before leaving the ring.

Ezekiel Jackson (With Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater on Commentary) vs. Kofi Kingston
Early in the match, Zeke is back into a corner and Kofi comes at him, but Zeke powerfully pushes him away. The Corre begin arguing over who will win the battle royal and win the World Heavyweight Championship. Outside the ring, Zeke throws Kofi into The Corre, before throwing him into the ring to perform a one armed chokeslam for the win! Good quick match and win for Zeke, I think the match and what happened was what Zeke was to show how good he is on his own as well as showing his relationship with the rest of the group!

Next was LayCool at couples counselling. There is not much I want to say about this, but they both agreed that they use to be great friends. McCool says she has been Layla Since day one and backed it up by saying while she was away with an injury, Layla was losing matches and LayCool became UnCool. The segment was to show how bad the team are together now and will soon break up!

Cody is in spotlight in the ring as he talks about how he felt nothing when he defeated Rey at WrestleMania and how winning the battle royal, becoming the World Heavyweight Champion and for what he did to his face should make up for it. He says he shall not stop until Rey’s children are horrified of their fathers face, which brings our Rey and he gives Cody a 619!

Rey Mysterio vs. Drew McIntyre
I predicted Rey to win and for these two to put on a great match. We have Drew who shows a lot of aggression and Rey who seems to win a majority of his matches. Drew almost botched the ending but fell on his back after the 619 in time for Rey to hit his splash for the win…Thanks WWE, Rey could have been a great wrestler to put Drew over! I guess Rey won to continue their feud and maybe to have a match at Extreme Rules.

Next Edge says how he will miss everything, one of the things he said he would miss his entrance and how thankful he is that Alter Bridge allowed him to use their song. He runs up the ramp to do his entrance again. During his speech he mentions his mum is in the crowd and how thankful he is for all she has done. Who can fault how great Edge is, especially on mic?
Backstage, Alberto tries to sake Edge’s hand but instead Edge waks off and Alberto smiles and winks…What will stop Alberto from smiling?

Layla (With Michelle McCool on commentary) vs. Kelly Kelly
Nothing really happened in this match. McCool rolls Layla back into the ring as she was about to get counted out, only to get X-Factored for the win!
After the match things only get worse for Layla, as Michelle ends up pushing Layla down!

20 Man Over the Rope Battle Royal to face Alberto Del Rio at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Championship
This would have been a great chance for someone who has not been a number one contender or had a title match before to win. In the match, Big Show eliminated Zeke and himself. Brodus Eliminated Drew…A rookie eliminated ‘The Chosen One’? This was a perfect time to make him look better than he already does but instead they do the opposite! At least Kane was there to eliminate Brodus, but sadly, Wade and Gabriel eliminate Kane. Wade, one of the guys I was hoping to look good or win, was eliminated by Gabriel just after he eliminated Masters….Damn fool! The final four were, Rey, Swagger, Gabriel and Christian. Rey eliminated Gabriel. Swagger eliminated Rey, after Cole protected Swagger from getting a 619 and Alberto held onto Christians leg, Swagger runs into Christian who pulls down the rope for the eliminated and win!
After the match Edge hugs Christian and Christian takes the mic. The paid do a five second pose…I have missed that! The Smackdown locker room line up on top of the ramp giving Edge a round of applause, showing him their respect. Edge starts tearing up as past friends and opponents Big Show, Rey and Chavo come down to hug Edge. Then Smackdown gets a whole lot better as HHH comes down and hugs Edge, and I guess sharing his final words!
Edge you will be missed ad good luck with what you do next!

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