How To Get A Girl's Attention – Use These 7 Easy Tips

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My Old Walking Style

Before I started to learn how to get a girls attention, I used to walk around looking like a total wimp. Head and eyes down, shoulders drooped, retracting from any attention I may have received from anyone. And I used to wonder why girls wouldn’t notice me? Was I ugly? Were they blind?

What Are You Doing Wrong?

So what is it that you are doing wrong? I can guarantee you that it has not much to do with your looks as women look for other things besides looks. Looks help, but not as much as being CONFIDENT! What if I could give you some great inside tips showing you how to look confident to women, that way your own confidence would grow and you’d start learning how to get a girls attention for yourself?

Tips on How To Get A Girls Attention by Changing Your Walking Style

I will outline now some tips for you to try that involve you changing your walking style. It is going to feel strange at first and you’ll feel a bit strange doing it, but stick to it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Guys might see you as strange, but the girls will see you in much different ways!

  • Keep your head up to level and eyes straight ahead! This will seem very awkward for you especially if you’re shy and not used to it.

  • Push your pelvis out forward. Not overdoing it, but enough so you maintain a more erect posture. Notice that when you do this, your walk naturally slows down? Good! You’re doing it right!

  • Think of your backside for legs and back for your arms when you walk. This allows the proper swing of the arms and legs to make you walk a powerful and confident stride.

  • Keep thinking to yourself “I am the power! I am the enforcer!”

  • Walk slowly, but with purpose. Don’t rush! Take your time! This is not just to give the girls more time to see you, but it portrays confidence!

  • Push your shoulders back so it aligns your arms to your side. This also helps to push the chest out.

  • Don’t look around to check who’s now checking you out! They are looking.



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