Treating Suntan by Home Remedies Naturally :curing Sunburn And Treatment at Home

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1.  Apply aloe vera gel on your face, and neck before stepping out of your home to protect yourselves from the harmful rays of sun .Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties for  preventing  and curing suntan naturally at home.Aloe vera juice mixed with  vitamin E tablets  is very effective cure for suntan.You can use the mashed leaves  of aloe-vera with lemon juice to treat suntan naturally at home.

2.    Apply sandalwood paste with milk before stepping out of your home. Sandalwood has cooling properties to cool and soothe your skin naturally .This treatment will remove suntan and make your skin oil-free .Use this home remedy for getting glowing and fair skin too.

3.    Rub  bruised onions on the areas affected by sunburn to reduce painful inflammation .Use this home remedy for treating your sunburn naturally at home.

4.    Apply  1 spoon of tomato juice with  6 spoons of buttermilk on the sunburn affected areas to cure them quickly.Tomato can alone treat sunburn .

5.  Apply orange juice mixed with yogurt to cure suntan.Orange’s alpha hydroxl acid, and vitamin C help in fading your  suntan.Yogurt’s lactic acid lighens the tanned skin.

6.  Take  cabbage/lettuce leaves ,and soak them up in water. You can refrigerate them also. Place cold spinach/cabbage leaves on the sunburn affected areas to treat them naturally at home.

7.   Pour rose water,sandal wood oil, or peppermint oil in your bath tub, and enjoy the refreshing bath. Rose water has astringent properties to cure suntan.This home remedy will cure your suntan and  give you relief  in the summer.Peppermint oil will refresh your mind, and body.Sandalwood oil will give cooling sensation to your body.

8.  Apply the mask of noxema after taking bath on your suntanned parts of your body, and apply the second coat after the first coat has dried.This home remedy will not treat sunburn, but it will reduce the pain , and burning sensation.

9.   Pour milk, and water in a cup in equal amount ,and soak up a cotton cloth in this solution to place on your sunburn affected parts .Try this home remedy to get relief from the painful suntan.

10.  Pour vinegar in a bucketful of water ,and dip a cotton cloth in this solution to place on your suntanned parts  to get instant relief naturally at home. You must try this easy home remedy to treat suntan.

11.  Some people have benefited  from the use of vicks vapor rub on the suntanned areas.This home remdedy is based on the experience of some people.

12.    If your cheeks, and the areas around eyes are affected by sunburn, then place tea bags,cucumber,or potato slices on these areas to treat suntan naturally at home. This home remedy will cure your dark circles too.

13.   Take bath in cold water ,and soak up your body for 15 minutes in the bath tub. You can try this home remedy if your suntan is so severe over the whole body.

14.   Make a mask at home mixing barley, yogurt ,and turmeric in equal amount to apply on your sunburn affected areas to treat them naturally at home.

15.   Pour some gauge in the milk to treat your suntan .The tanic acid in the tea is very effective treatment for painful sunburn ,but may not be helpful in peeling caused by sunburn.

16.   Put  ice cubes on the areas affected by suntan to soothe them quickly.  

17.   Massage  your whole body with coconut oil before stepping out in the  sun to protect your skin from the harmful oxidizing rays of  sun.Coconut oil is used in anti-tan lotions as an additive for its soothing qualities.

18.   Rub  green gourd on your suntan affected areas 3-4 times a day to cure them naturally at home.

19.   Apply  honey, and lemon juice in equal amount to remove the tan and get fair skin naturally at home.

20.    Take 3 spoons of milk, and 1 spoon of turmeric ,and massage your face with this mixture to cure your sunburn .This home remedy will lighten your facial hair too.

21.   Mix  wheat flour ,milk, and olive oil together to make a mask at home to treat your suntan affected areas naturally.

22.  Apply apple cider vinegar, or plantain for treating severe sunburn .Apple cider vinegar will help you in curing peeling skin caused by severe suntan also.

23. Apply curd before taking bath ,curd is a powerful anti-tanning agent for your skin.Curd can be used with lemon juice also for curing suntan.

24.   Use honey, and cucumber juice in equal amount to reduce the redness, and pain caused by sunburn. Try this home remedy for getting glowing, and soft skin too.  

25.  Apply milk powder ,and almond oil mixed together for reducing the tan .

26.  Rub  watermelon slices/ papaya on your sunburn affected areas to treat them naturally at home. Both ingredients  are excellent skin lightening agents.

27. You can try milk of magnesia for easing the painful suntan.Apply milk of magnesia  for 30-60 minutes ,and take bath with warm water.This home remedy has helped many people.

28.   You can use cod liver oil to treat your suntan.Cod liver oil is full of soothing properties to treat sunburn.

29.  Fuller’s earth with calmine lotion, and lemon juice will treat suntan soon.Calamine lotion helps in reducing the itching.

30.  Cold compress of baking soda, Epsom salt or, hazel helps in treating sunburn.

31.  Dab on sugarless mint tea on your suntan affected areas to cure them naturally at home. The tannins  of the tea work for sunburn cure.

32.  Pour  20 drops of calendula tincture/urtica urens in 4 ounces of water. This treatment will help in treating painful sunburn.Urtica urens help in prickly heat sensation.

33.   Pour 20 drops of chamomile essential oil, and 20 drops of lavender oil in your bath tub to refresh your senses and avoid suntan.

34.  Apply kukui oil creams, or  lotions to treat suntan naturally at home.

35.   Apply a mixture of sugar ,glycerin ,and lemon juice to scrub your face to treat severely tanned ,and dry skin naturally at home.

36.    Apply a mixture of potato juice, and lemon juice on your body parts exposed to the sun once a day.Wash off with cold water. This home remedy will lighten the tanned skin as both ingredients are excellent skin lightening agents.

37.  Use raw milk with cucumber twice a day as a suntan cure for your skin naturally at home.Raw milk(cold) alone is also helpful in treating sunburn.

38.  Apply  1 spoon of honey with 1 spoon of hazel ,and an egg white for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with tepid water to cure your suntanned, and scorched skin naturally.

39.  Apply  dosa batter on your skin, and let it dry .Rinse with cold water .Follow with rose water .This home remedy is very effective for treating suntan.

40.   Pour 2 spoons of cider vinegar in water, and apply with cotton balls for 10-15 minutes to cure your suntanned parts of the body.

41.  Apply  an egg white till it dries,  and wash off with cold water.Reapply the egg white till your pain diminishes.This home remdedy will help in peeling the suntanned skin and  allowing the new skin to come out.

42.   Prepare a face pack home with the puree of 2 tomatoes , cucumber puree, and lemon juice to apply on the suntanned parts of your body .This treatment will give a soothing sensation to your suntanned  skin.

43.   Apply  baking soda with vinegar on your suntanned body parts , and leave this treatment overnight for curing sunburn fast. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is the main component of  aspirin  the medicine prescribed for inflammations caused by suntan.

44.   Wash your bath tub with  a  little amount of  bleach, or hydrogen peroxide .Use  the water for  your bath in which tea has been boiled .Water should not be too hot .But you have to soak up in lukewarm water until water gets cold .Try this treatment as a sunburn cure for the whole body.

 45.  Pour oatmeal in the water you take shower. Water should be tepid in this treatment. This home remedy will help you in curing and avoiding sunburn.Tepid water promotes the blood circulation.

46.  Boil green tea in a pot, and let it cool. Soak up a cotton cloth in this mixture to place on your suntan affected areas to cure them naturally.  

47.   Sprinkle your sheet with corn starch to minimize the painful itching .Try this home remedy if you have very severe sunburn.

48.  Make peppermint tea, or mix 2 spoons of peppermint in a cup of warm water .Apply on your suntan affected areas to get  the cooling sensation. Try this home remedy to  treat suntan naturally at home.

49.  If you suffer from suntan in your hands ,then apply sunflower oil ,sugar, and lemon juice to cure it naturally at home.

50.  Try  a face pack of turmeric , yogurt, and honey for 15-20 minutes .Try this home remedy for curing sunburn naturally at home.

51.   The face pack of sandalwood powder , almond oil, and coconut oil works very nice on the skin affected by suntan.

Diet– Keep your body hydrated   with a lot of water to counter the attack of  harmful sun rays .You must drink fluids with electrolytes.Anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, and C are very helpful in treating sunburn. Eat foods rich in vitamin E, and C. Eat meat, eggs, fresh fruits, citrus fruits (for vitamin C),fish,chicken,etc.You can take vitamin supplements like Beta-carotene in your diet.

Other important tips– Always apply sunscreen ( at least of SPF30) before stepping out of your home .You should apply sunscreen(SPF 15) even if you are at home. Wear light clothes in the summer as light cloths reflect  the sun’s harmful rays . Use anti-bacterial soaps on the affected areas . Avoid  creams/lotions with anesthetic medications so that you can not become sensitized, and  then allergic to them.Avoid going out in sun  in the noon.If you have to go ,then wear a hat to protect your face ,and head .You can wear goggles , and take unbrella with you.

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