Investigating The Paranormal

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Paranormal investigation is the process of checking out locations said to be haunted. It is fascinating work and can be quite the history lesson. Spurred on by the movie industry with movies such as Ghostbusters and the Blair Witch Project , this has become a field where electronic equipment used by hunting teams search and verify the paranormal.

Preparation for an investigation involves checking out the background and history, use of electronic equipment including night vision cameras and hand-held video cameras, as well as fact checking the people who are reporting the paranormal event.

Don’t go it alone. The experts recommend you do a little research on the area you will be visiting in order to find what you are looking for to enhance your trip into the paranormal realm. Make sure you know the history behind the place before you head out to it. If you know someone died in a particular hotel for instance, then you will know what or whose ghost you are looking for there.

Choosing Locations to Investigate Paranormal Activity
If you are a novice or just want to explore some places that have reported that they are haunted, check out the area where you live. In Georgia, my home state, there are any number of places you can visit that are reportedly haunted. Savannah has a few really good tour companies that will lead you through the city in search of sightings as well as give you the history behind the location.

Another good place to look is in Fayetteville, GA, where the Holiday-Dorsey-Fife house stands. It is reported that you can see the ghost of Doc Holliday in an upstairs window in this home. He haunts the mansion because of a lost love.
Newnan, GA is home to a bridge where the ghost of a woman can be heard. It is said she ran off the road and died in the creek under the bridge while leaving her husband.

Be Prepared for Paranormal Activity
Map out your destination. Check it out during daylight hours so you know if there are any hazards to be aware of around the place you want to visit. It’s no fun looking for ghosts and spirits if you step in a hole and twist your ankle.
Wear something comfortable and appropriate for the hunt. If you are going to be hiking through the woods, you don’t want to have on flip flops. While the gravesite of Mayhayley Lancaster isn’t in the woods, the ground around it is uneven and fraught with peril in the dark. Take flashlights, cameras, video equipment, and if you want a sleeping bag so you can brave a night alone with the spirits of those you seek.

Many of these types of places can be found in your own area. Research local legends and myths within your particular city and see what pops up. You might be surprised by the number of sights you could visit to start your own paranormal investigation.


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