Tips For Getting Over a Break up

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When a break up happens after the beautiful days of courtship ,it seems very difficult to get on with your life .If you are facing this trauma ,then you must fortify yourself to get over this situation .Read on to know about  some tips for you to get over a break up and make your life to tread on a normal trajectory.

Keep yourself engaged

The best way to forget your ex is to keep yourself busy in the things of your interest. If you are free , the grim memories of your past relationship will haunt you endlessly.

 Enjoy your life to the fullest. Indulge yourself in the activities like going to beauty salon,eating out with friends, or family, going on a shopping spree ,going to movie, and all activities which keep you  happy ,and reinvigorated .Keeping yourself engaged in the activity of your interest will help you in getting over a break up.

Cut off all relations from your ex in every condition when you are healing your wounds you got from the break up

It is advisable to cut off all relations from your ex when your are healing your wounds you got from your past relationship .Erase his or her phone numbers, and all ways of contacts so that you are not swayed by your emotions to contact your ex. It is impossible to recover from a break up if you are in touch with your ex .

If your break up happened because of your ex’s disloyalty, your partner being abusive ,or too much adamant on having physical relation with you ,then it is advisable to cut off all relations from your ex forever .

But if your break up happened due to ego clash , lack of compatibility as partners, your mistakes, and you feel your ex to be a nice person ,you can continue the relationship of friendship. But this time , you do not have to be caught in his emotion grip. But friendship can continue only when the bitterness embedded in your heart (for your ex) dies down .You can think about friendship only when you are mentally stabilized.

Confide in your friend you trust

You can share your innermost feelings with your best friend , you will feel better a lot. At times , sharing your pain with someone else allays the pain. Sharing your feeling with your close friend will help you in recovering from the pain triggered by a break up.

Spend time with your family

It is very difficult to get out of a break up because it is really hard to forget someone you were so close to. One feels discarded, and ignored after a break up .Spend quality time with your family, and let your family members shower a lot of affection, and love you need .It will help you in coming out of a bad break up. Spending time with your family will make you feel pampered and help you in getting over a break up.

Make a new relationship

Although it is very hard to make up your mind for making a new relationship, but you need a shoulder you can lay your heads on .If you like someone ,you can foster a friendship with him or her for getting emotional support .Emotion support of someone else will help you in getting detached from your ex and recovering from the trauma of a break up.

Face the world ,do not run away from the life

Never let the pessimistic ideas ingrain into your mind .If your relationship does not end on a happy note, it does not mean that you should shy away from facing the life .It is not the end of life, look at the world through rose-tinted optimistic view .

You failed relationship taught you something that will be helpful to you for good. You have become wiser than before .Look from the different perspective that the break up happened before it was too late .If you thought that this relationship would culminate in marriage , then you should thank god for the break up before you marry your ex.

All these aforementioned tips will be helpful to all who want to recover after a break up. Although it is easy to say but hard to do. But life throws a volley of challenges to a human being, you have to be undaunted by the trauma of break up to move ahead in the life.

Look around, and see how other people have to face so many hardships in their livesand you are not a single person suffering from pain in this world. There are so many calamities taking place everyday like tsunami, earthquake, flood, death, illness, mishaps ,etc. Your pain is minuscule in comparison to other’s pain.

You have to flow with the time, resist your tendency of dwelling on past too much. Time is the best healer, with the time passes by; the memories of a failed relationship will fade into oblivion .Best of luck !

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