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I have my own taste of how hectic and time consuming it is on how to plan a wedding for my own wedding. Imagine putting on every detail on the list trying to come up the best possible option in order to save a little bit of money and not spending too much on unnecessary things.

Guess what? I had to be part of another wedding, my friend’s wedding. She requested if I could bake wedding cookies for her. Since she is one of my closest friends I did said yes. My friend should have seen in me that I have the potential and all my cookies that I usually let her taste back then were oh so yummy that she can eat a dozen cookies in an  hour.

So, there I was trying to analyze what will be the design for the cookies. I don’t want it to be boring and plain, it would just ruin the whole wedding itself. What I did, I made some few experiments and samples of three different designs and keep practicing for over 2 weeks.

The first design I did was quite simple. The cookies were made out from vanilla flavored cakes. The size was similar to that of an ice cream scoop. When the cookies are ready, I divide them in two and put in the vanilla pudding with orange gists as my filling. After which, I put back the halves into one using the filling to make it hold together. Then, I combined velvet food coloring mixed with few cups of granulated sugar and just slowly roll over each cookie into the mixture.

Since the cookies are intended for a wedding, I made cookies that are tiny miniature of both bride and groom. In order to make the body, I use marshmallows for it. Then, as for the groom’s tuxedo I used liquid chocolate and white choclolate for the wedding dress of the bride. For the final touches, I pour in powder made out of graham crackers and then start sprinkling over the tuxedo and dress.

The last design I made was making little bouque of flowers. What I simply did was get wafers in vanilla flavor and put in green icing on top. Then, slowly piped in bunch of colors to create the flowers’ look. This is quite easy but when you look at it looks a little bit complicated.

Oh boy! I had fun experimenting on the designs for the wedding cookies. I do like the 3 designs. I have decided that I am going to make wedding cookies in 3 different designs to have more variety in terms of color and taste.Having our very own vehicle is a necessity, whether it will be used for going to work, sending kids to school or to shop around. However, there are certain things that an SUV or a sedan can’t do. It usually involves carrying heavy things, furniture, and appliances towards a new home. Yes, you guess it right. Moving out is simply not a thing that you regularly can do.

If you are planning to move in to a new home, might as well do inquire from van rentals. Most probably, you might find some companies offering this kind of services. Take note, they are of high demand these days. A lot of people usually move over the weekends. Therefore, if you need to have a van to help you out then make sure that you will reserve a unit few weeks before the scheduled date in order to make sure you have a vehicle to use during that day.

If you do not know any van rentals companies at all, might as well do your research as early as now. Especially during peak seasons where most people want to move out to a new home and you might end up having no one to contact to. Then, probably you will end up hiring a van from a company that would take probably an hour or two just to get to their office.

Before you even dial that number, be sure you have all things sorted so that you will get the right van without even have to spend a fortune. First, if you are moving your entire stuff to a new home you might consider getting a truck or the biggest van possible. This will help you save few trips. Second, look at the prices. It is important that you know how much you are paying them for the service and if it is within your budget limit. Third, if you are just moving within 2-3 blocks away from your current residence, then might as well hire a smaller van making two trips rather than a huge truck.

What you can do also is try to compare van rentals companies. Try to look at your yellow pages and you will definitely find good listings of all the places that offer such service. There are some who might have variety of vans to choose from and some might have one size only but it costs a lot cheaper compared to the former.

As much as possible you want to have your reservation as early as possible to make sure that you have the right size of the van that you are looking for that is within your budget.


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