Staying in York

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Talking about budget hotels and the range of hotels available, let’s take a look at York as an example.  York is a major tourist destination in the UK, thousands of visitors come here every year for various festivals, events and attractions.  The huge number of visitors means that a lot of hotels have developed to meet the demand.

Some of the hotels in York are old whereas others are still being established or redeveloped.  Historically, York had a lot of B&B and Guest House style hotels and there are some streets where there are complete rows of beautiful town houses which have been turned into literally one B&B after another. Some of these are great little finds, others a little tired and in need of a refresh!

As well as the small B&B style places to stay, York has a number of other cheap hotel options which you can choose from. Here are three examples of budget hotels in York you could loook at:

  • Holgate Hill Hotel

  • The Blue Bridge 

  • Newington Hotel

Have a look for these online and you wll get an idea of the type of room an facilities they offer.

Whatever the reason you are travelling to York, making a good decision about where to stay can really help make your trip more enjoyable.  York is beautiful, but if you are going back to a smelly hole of a hotel then it will take a lot of character to keep a smile on your face.

The internet is a great resource and makes it possibe to do a lot of research before you go so it reduced the chance of nasty surprises along the way.

If you are looking for things to do in York then you can plan this in advance as well as there are lots of options around. There is York Minster, the York Walls, The Viking Centre, Betty’s cafe and tea room, the shambles, the Museum Gardens,  countless quality shops and restaurants, bus tours, walking tours, the Ouse, boat trips.  The list goes on and on, but you get the idea!  I just love walking around York on a sunny day taking in the atmosphere and doing a bit of good old fashioned people watching!

Enjoy your stay!


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