Vintage Jewelry Are Expensive

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It is really amazing how the prices of the most fine jewelries nowadays have moved up leaving those people who have limited budget be in total despair. Also, nobody would want to buy from those discount stores, all they are selling are poorly made costume jewelry. Good thing there is a middle ground. There beautifully made pieces that are selling like pancakes. The best part is buyers don’t even need to spend a fortune for it.

Talking about vintage jewelry? Yes, this can be very expensive. However, you can get them at a reasonable price when you shop at the right stores. This would be a good hobby for women who are always on the go for searching and collecting jewelry pieces.

If you intend to shop for vintage jewelry, you need to take note of some important reminders in order for you to know the true value of each piece.

Let’s take down the memory lane, as we reveal the different features of every jewelry pieces made during a specific decade.

First are the 1930’s jewelry pieces. One thing that you should remember is that the jewelries are more of an Art Deco style that is made out of new plastics, bright colors, with enamel accents. One popular piece during that time was choker.

Second are the 1940’s jewelry pieces. It was more of a Retro style inspired by the Hollywood society which consists of large rings adorned with large stones. The bracelets, watches, and necklaces were large, flashy, and elegant.

Third are the 1950’s jewelry pieces. The period was more of the pos World War II era. There were costume jewelries made out for practicality a reason that is in total contrast of the flashy 1940’s pieces. It was during this time that rhinestones took center stage. It became a good replacement for expensive diamonds. It was very evident in every pendants, bracelets, brooches and necklaces. Gold and rhodium plating was also famous during this time.

Lastly are the 1960’s jewelry pieces. This was the time that creativity was given importance. Jewelry pieces were handmade by craftsmen. The styles varied from inexpensive yet bizarre designs to Renaissance style rings and pendants. One of the popular techniques during this period was the lost-wax casting.

Lea Stein (a French costume jewelry designer) was famous for her cellulose creations which include leaf and flower motifs, cats, music note designs that were formed into beautifully made brooches.

Now, you know what to look for in a piece of jewelry, you do not need to settle for anything less right from those discount stores. Just do a little research here and there; you will get the perfect, elegant and stunning piece of vintage jewelry.


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