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If you are not keen to creating your very own website generating your very own source cods, then it is best to get hold of web page software. It’s a tool that will help every experienced and beginner a like. This is a great piece of software the will help those creative-minded people who are in their first attempt of creating their very own website.

If you have limited knowledge in HTML, programming or the basics in web page designing then having web page software will save you a lot of trouble. As for the experience designers, this will save them a lot of time. Writing the code manually can be a hefty task, confusing, and most often the code you put in does not work for the first time. So, you need to keep on revising until such time you get the right code to have your web pages function properly and look good.

All the different computer languages that you might have learned back in school or through your own self-study might be out dated by now because it might not be compatible with the newly released browsers that coming out. It is very important that the website you are making should be open with ease and no distortion in the images, texts and the loading process is fast whatever browser a person is going to use.

The good thing about web page software is that you do not need to spend hours and hours of manual writing of every page that you know for sure will need several revisions every now and then. With web page software you will be allowed to insert graphic media, sound, and insert art or simply whatever you want to put into your website.

For those designers who are just starting out, here are basic principles that you should know about.

1. Make sure your website have a navigation page.

2. Every image you want to put in should be small and not in gigantic size.

3. The html page should be readable and well–organized.

4. The menu should be easy to access with.

If you want to start making your very own website, you can opt using www.web.com or the www.buildyoursite.com For sure it will be just a matter of time that you will create a masterpiece of your own. 


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